Emily and I wanted to say THANK YOU AGAIN!

Emily and I wanted to say THANK YOU AGAIN! We had such an incredible time in Hawaii! The CGTV Program was amazing – and your actors rock (as always)! The Q & A was a huge success, and several parents approached us after to say thanks! We gave 20 callbacks, so we will definitely keep you posted about those kids.

We already started working remotely with Sean Anderson (AZ), Ella Mejia (AZ), Mercy Flomo (RI) & Matthew Mungunkhuyag (IL) from the Los Angeles Celebrity Experience event! They have been submitting tapes for projects, and if they receive callbacks they will fly out.
Also, as we discussed in Hawaii – I wanted to share with you some exciting updates about your other amazing students that we are working with!

Angel Labosette

Angel Labosette (originally Vegas based) officially moved to Los Angeles. He recently booked a Co-Star on Lethal Weapon – and commercial spots for Target, Behr Paint, Mattel and Prolia (National Network)!

Kai Murata

Kai Murata(Hawaii based) recently booked a Co-Star role on Hawaii Five-O and a National Network Voice Over spot for Amazon Echo!

Jake Martin

With great enthusiasm I would recommend the CGTV

Jake MartinWith great enthusiasm I would recommend the CGTV to young actors who want to grow and develop within the industry. CGTV has opened doors to my acting career and has helped develop my skills as an actor. I started CGTV in January 2017. During this time, I was given opportunities to link up with agents and audition for a major role in a TV series. Recently I have completed and starred in a national KFC TVC. I have been involved with Adrian R’Mante and his amazing team and throughout this time they have made me feel apart of the CGTV family. Adrian is a professional who genuinely cares and wants to see upcoming actors succeed. CGTV encourage and supported me throughout my journey and I’m grateful for this experience. Stay humble and follow your dreams.

Jake Martin