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Tina Hovhannisyn

Hi Adrian! Yesterday I booked Tina Hovhannisyn on a SAG Ross National Network commercial! So now she is SAG eligible.  Just wanted you to know, as I think she will continue to kick butt this year 🙂 Hope you and your beautiful family are happy and healthy! Best, XO-D Dana Kazanteno

Oscar Ceja

We love all of our graduates at CGTV and this one is no exception, no one works harder at crafting his art than Oscar Ceja. During his time at CGTV, he took his training very seriously and truly shined when we presented his talents to many industry agents and managers at his live showcase at […]

Natalie Ramos

Natalie Ramos Hi Adrian, this is Natalie Ramos from Naples, Florida. I just wanted to send you quick email so say that I’m thankful for everything that you’ve done for me. Without you, I wouldn’t have met my amazing agent, Karen Greer❤️ I’ve been working hard with my acting and singing coaches! Im on casting […]


Hi Adrian- TJ doesn’t like cheese at all (except for mozzarella on pizza) and he booked a commercial for Jarslberg cheese that shot on Friday. Theo used to tease him and say “what if you get a commercial and have to eat cheese.” You truly never know what will happen! And, as it turns out, […]

Rebecca Taylor-Klaus

Hello CGTV family! Please go watch CGTV’s very own Rebecca Taylor-Klaus with Vin Diesel in The Last Witch Hunter in movie theaters TONIGHT! CONGRATS to our CGTV graduate!! www.hollywoodlife.com

Ronald Cyler

ATTENTION CGTV FAMILY! One of our CGTV graduates just booked a HUGE role in an old favorite. Ronald Cyler is set to play the Blue Ranger in the New Power Rangers Movie! CONGRATS to a CGTV GRADUATE!! www.variety.com


Hello CGTV FAMILY! When it rains it pours! Here is another CGTV graduate letting her star shine this week on the DISNEY SET of “Best Friends Whenever” with Shelby aka Lauren Taylor. Here she is with her recurring role on Disney Mackenzie Dunne

Greg Cashner

Hi Adrian and staff, Thanks so much for the great seminar this past May. It really was a wonderful experience for Kimberly. Here’s a quick update: She was tagged for callbacks by 13 of the 17 agents that attended the showcase, which was phenomenal. We actually met with 6 agents before settling on a theatrical […]

Jearnest Corchado

Thank you so so much Adrian and Hollywood CGTV because this wouldn’t have happened without your help! You changed my life!!! Thanks to you , and your camp, I’m here no in Hollywood — after three years of hard work, of good days and bad days, of patience and a lot of faith — making […]