Do you love performing, acting, and the stage? CGTV has the stage of a lifetime. We answer all of your industry questions like: What do I need? How do I get to Hollywood? Do I need an agent? Do I have to move to Hollywood to audition?

This is the magic of CGTV. “We have people on TV” and we will nurture you to stardom!

CGTV has a World Famous Actor that offers an exclusive platform into the entertainment industry by bringing together performers to the Studio and Live Stage in Hollywood, California to meet Disney casting directors, talent managers, and agents who represent celebrities on CBS, ABC, and NBC.

During our 7-day talent event, hopeful stars will:

  • Film a scene on set with a world famous Disney Star
  • Be directed and produced at the World Famous STAGE
  • Participate in workshops with Celebrities, Producers, and Casting Directors
  • Be casted as a star in your very own scene by a famous Disney Star
  • Get your close up in a Professional Photo Shoot

At CGTV, we deliver success to you. We present you the keys to unlock “all the right doors". You bring the talent; we’ll give you the STAGE and the connections to become the NEW CGTV STAR!

We Have People On Tv
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