Build their confidence and public speaking

Build their confidence and public speaking

My husband and I enrolled our 5-year old daughter and 8-year old son in the CGTV program after attending the San Diego open call. It was during the open call that both of my children received an invitation to attend the 7-day VIP program in Los Angeles.

Initially, we signed our kids up for this program to build their confidence and public speaking skills. To be clear, this program does NOT give you acting classes; it gives you the tools to build on your child’s talents and it gives you access to Hollywood agents and managers that we would otherwise not have access to on our own without a referral.

The week long program required our kids to each memorize lines from assigned scenes and were paired up with other kids their age. On the 6th day of the program, all of the actors put on a showcase for their parents and potential agents and managers. Out of 17 agents, our son received 12 callbacks because he put in the work; he memorized his lines, followed directions well, and the coaches found it easy to work with him.

A week after we replied to all of the callbacks (the way Adrian R’mante advised the parents to do), a top agency offered to sign on our son and represent him! It was more than we expected. Adrian told us that as long as the kids put in the work, they would be successful. Our daughter, unfortunately did not get a callback (she struggled memorizing her lines and did not have the maturity the other kids had). However, Adrian offered to let her return to a showcase next year if she did his 16-week program at no additional cost to us. My daughter said she wants to try again, so we look forward to seeing Adrian again.

We are grateful for the opportunity Adrian’s program has afforded my son and appreciate Adrian’s passion and dedication helping young actors break into the industry. He is so down to earth but gives everyone “tough love” by being upfront with the parents and the young actors. He gives you the formula on how to succeed, yet a lot of the parents didn’t pay attention and set up the kids for failure. He asks that everyone memorize two commercials and two monologues in preparation for the week long mentoring session. There were so many parents and young actors who showed up unprepared and didn’t to the assignments. Some of these parents flew in from all over the country only to not have their kids receive any callbacks due to their lack of preparation.

Bottom line, if you are going to spend the money for the training, you HAVE to put in the work and follow Adrian’s directions. He is serving you the Hollywood network on a platter; you just have to do your part and LISTEN.

I highly recommend CGTV.

Build their confidence and public speaking


Kyle Riddle

CGTV folks that gave their all during the July 2019

Kyle Riddle Just an update to say “THANK YOU” to Adrian and all the CGTV folks that gave their all during the July 2019 LA program, and were there for us when we needed support since then.  My son, Kyle Riddle signed with Coast to Coast Talent Group last October, and began getting auditions right away.  Of course COVID slowed that down, but during the slow down that training paid off as Kyle received call backs from several self-submissions including Chevy Trucks, Disney, and the Home Alone remake.  Kyle got his first paying gig last month for Zulily, and he’s received a LOT of voiceover and commercial callbacks since then.  Adrian R’Mante’s training delivers, and opened up a new world for Kyle.  Thanks again to Hollywood CGTV!!


What you’re doing in giving back in this way

EthanI just really hope you know that what you’re doing in giving back in this way, helping so many actors, is nothing less than amazing. The time and knowledge that you give, along the other celebrities that come participate in the program as well, is just a blessing for so many!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you both know how absolutely grateful I am for what you and The Celebrity Experience program has done for Ethan in helping launch into this world and career.

The interest in him at the showcase was overwhelming. He signed with a manager before we even left LA which was amazing, and the momentum has not slowed. Shortly after the showcase he also signed with an agency. He has self-taped and been on countless auditions. He has done a more than a handful of background work (which I know to most isn’t anything spectacular, but he loves just being on set and the chance to be seen). He was recently in the Marshmello/Bastille video (second birthday party). He has done two short films. He’s schedule to film his third in a few weeks. He has been put on hold for several major companies for commercials. He has not yet had the chance to film one, but it’s coming, very soon.

Ethan may not currently be, and may never be, the overnight success story. But he is determined to be a success nonetheless. He understands that it takes time, lots of work, and that nothing is personal. This year has been a whirl-wind of learning and new experiences. All thanks to you (and Matt Timmons who auditioned him initially) and the knowledge we gained when attending the showcase! The best part, is hearing the AD tell you that the minute the saw Ethan slate they knew he was the one for the role, or how Ethan personable he is when he auditions and that they just love his professionalism. These are the tips and tricks that we were able to take away from your program(s). It truly does make a difference from the minute you walk into a room.

So thank you again so much! Looking forward to what the future holds for him. And hoping our paths cross again, on and off camera. :O)

Thank you, To-Hona Childress

Jay Reid

With sincere thanks for everything you taught me

Dear Adrian R’Mante & CGTV,

Jay ReidI write this letter with a feeling of gratitude and with sincere thanks for everything you taught me.  I just started learning this craft 10 months ago under your tutelage, and in that short time I learned more than I did over the last 2 years. I was scammed out of more than $12,000 pursuing my passion of becoming an actor.  I was wary about spending the money, wondering if this was another expensive dead end. I am happy to say this program was everything it said it was and more.

I will never forget what you said to me when I first auditioned for CGTV.  You said, “You are a natural with an immense amount of talent.  I know that I can help you develop into a great actor.”  Less than 3 months later I was signed to an agent and on my way to what is turning out to be a dream career, except it is now reality.  Not only did you believe in me, but also you welcomed me into your CGTV family.  I truly believe that without you and CGTV that it would be highly unlikely that I would have landed a role on a sitcom, and I might never have had all the opportunities you presented to me.  Now I am on the eve of a guest star appearance, thinking about all of the things you have taught me.   For those of you who need more information about what it is that CGTV does, I will break it down for you.  CGTV provided in-depth acting skills and training.  CGTV provided education on the inner workings of the entertainment business, not just to tell me it is tough, but also why it is tough, and how to succeed despite the odds. Additionally, I have been given several opportunities to share my talent with elite agents, managers and casting directors.  Most of all, I am now a member of a very large acting network. We share our hopes, aspirations and dreams with each other.  We support each other as we all try to navigate the entertainment industry (and in this industry, networking is very important.) I don’t know how to say thank you, not just for running an ethical and high quality business in the middle of a swamp of mediocre programs, but also for being a trustworthy, honest, and sincere person.  The only thing I can think to say time and time again is THANK YOU!


Jay Reid

Family Time info: Jay Reid stars as Cooper on “Family Time” Tune in to BounceTV Monday October 15th at 9/8c to see if Ebony will pick Cooper to go to homecoming with her. Go Team Cooper!

Emily and I wanted to say THANK YOU AGAIN!

Emily and I wanted to say THANK YOU AGAIN! We had such an incredible time in Hawaii! The CGTV Program was amazing – and your actors rock (as always)! The Q & A was a huge success, and several parents approached us after to say thanks! We gave 20 callbacks, so we will definitely keep you posted about those kids.

We already started working remotely with Sean Anderson (AZ), Ella Mejia (AZ), Mercy Flomo (RI) & Matthew Mungunkhuyag (IL) from the Los Angeles Celebrity Experience event! They have been submitting tapes for projects, and if they receive callbacks they will fly out.
Also, as we discussed in Hawaii – I wanted to share with you some exciting updates about your other amazing students that we are working with!

Angel Labosette

Angel Labosette (originally Vegas based) officially moved to Los Angeles. He recently booked a Co-Star on Lethal Weapon – and commercial spots for Target, Behr Paint, Mattel and Prolia (National Network)!

Kai Murata

Kai Murata(Hawaii based) recently booked a Co-Star role on Hawaii Five-O and a National Network Voice Over spot for Amazon Echo!

Jake Martin

With great enthusiasm I would recommend the CGTV

Jake MartinWith great enthusiasm I would recommend the CGTV to young actors who want to grow and develop within the industry. CGTV has opened doors to my acting career and has helped develop my skills as an actor. I started CGTV in January 2017. During this time, I was given opportunities to link up with agents and audition for a major role in a TV series. Recently I have completed and starred in a national KFC TVC. I have been involved with Adrian R’Mante and his amazing team and throughout this time they have made me feel apart of the CGTV family. Adrian is a professional who genuinely cares and wants to see upcoming actors succeed. CGTV encourage and supported me throughout my journey and I’m grateful for this experience. Stay humble and follow your dreams.

Jake Martin

Oscar Ceja

We love all of our graduates at CGTV and this one is no exception, no one works harder at crafting his art than Oscar Ceja. During his time at CGTV, he took his training very seriously and truly shined when we presented his talents to many industry agents and managers at his live showcase at ACME theater. We can go on about the 1,000+ success stories that CGTV has helped develop, but we prefer you listen to the grads themselves.

“My name is Oscar Ceja I am 17 years old and I am a CGTV Graduate. About 3 years ago was when I first heard about CGTV on the radio, I was a bit skeptical since I had already lost over $20,000 to the “scam” schools such as John Robert Powers, John Casablanca, One source talent and the list just goes on. I decided to audition for CGTV and I attended the program that same year. Since day one Adrian cared for all the talent and not only are you a student but you become family that creates life long friendships with people who share the same passion. I gained lots of knowledge and skills that I didn’t have before attending the program. With the knowledge and skills I was able to attain an agent that has helped me get many auditions in LA. Since the program I have also
booked several jobs.

Most recently my Khan Academy/SAT commercial that just aired. CGTV gave me a huge kick-start to my career that no other program would. Without CGTV I wouldn’t be where I am today. Since the program I have relocated to Los Angeles and constantly auditioning hoping to book something. Adrian continues to mentor me and I also assist him during the other programs.

One major thing to know is that nothing is free in this business therefore you have to invest money in order to get money. I encourage every actor that doesn’t know in what direction to go to consider CGTV”

With Great Appreciation,
Oscar Ceja

Natalie Ramos

Natalie Ramos

Hi Adrian, this is Natalie Ramos from Naples, Florida. I just wanted to send you quick email so say that I’m thankful for everything that you’ve done for me. Without you, I wouldn’t have met my amazing agent, Karen Greer❤️ I’ve been working hard with my acting and singing coaches! Im on casting network and actors access. Big news!! This Friday I’m getting a chance to audition for high school musical 4 in Orlando !! I’m beyond excited! I just want to say thank you for helping me in California and then helping me find a great agent!! I hope You and Your  family are doing great! Send lots of love to your baby girl and the new baby that is coming on the way! Talk to you soon, love Nat


Greg Cashner

Hi Adrian and staff,

Thanks so much for the great seminar this past May. It really was a wonderful experience for Kimberly. Here’s a quick update: She was tagged for callbacks by 13 of the 17 agents that attended the showcase, which was phenomenal. We actually met with 6 agents before settling on a theatrical agent and a commercial agent. Both have been invaluable in giving us the right guidance and advice in getting Kimberly started in this business.

We’ve been submitting through Actors Access and LA Casting pretty regularly for about a month. Kimberly got a call back on her very first audition, which was amazing. She also completed her first commercial shoot yesterday! She got the part as the daughter in an infomercial for a kitchen device and was paid $200 for about 4 hours work. She was so excited to be filmed eating ice cream and getting a check with her name on it.

Again, thank you! None of this would have happened without your wonderful showcase. I can highly recommend it to anybody with talented kids that want to pursue an acting career.

Dallas and Regan Munch

Hi Adrian!

We signed with Carla at Alexander’s 😉

She is trying to get Regan a meeting with Disney!! Very exciting!

I am just waiting to hear back from Regan’s teacher regarding her school work if she was to miss school for a month. She is in French immersion so I am just finding out if she is allowed to miss that much. I am sure it will be fine! She is very excited to work with you again;)

We found out that if a big production like disney or a TV series or motion pic wants her then they would fast track her 01 visa, so I have my fingers crossed for her!! If not then she has to do a few more things in Canada before she can apply, and get a job offer of course!

Just keeping you updated!

I should know tomorrow if we are coming out for pilot season, just depends if I can make it work with her school work!

Thanks again for everything! Regan has grown so much as a little actress!! You and your team are amazing!!

Dallas and Regan Munch