CGTV provides sincere opportunities for young actors to get a head start on their lives by helping them develop leadership and teamwork skills, self-confidence and the ability to earn income all while having fun learning how to act.

Success Stories

Take a quick peak at our success stories! Some of our kids have been on Disney Channel original shows, Nickelodeon, Commercial’s and many great movies! Our list keeps growing. Are you next?!

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CGTV is a high level TV and Film program that is designed to connect young artists with the reality of the business while being taught by Disney and Nickelodeon celebrities. These training videos are password protected and exclusive to our selected kids/teens in the Hollywood program.

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Read what the parents and our exclusive kids/teens have to say about their experience.

Letters of Appreciation

We get hundreds of thank you letters all the time. Here are just a few!

Success Stories

Read a few of our success stories. Some are truly amazing!

      Click Here to Watch Our Celebrity Videos
Click Here to Watch Our Celebrity Videos

Click Here To Watch CGTV Kids on TV and in Movies
Click Here To Watch CGTV Kids on TV and in Movies

"Jackson had his first big booking today for an American Heart Association commercial. He plays a kid with hypothermia and despite the sprinklers and fans on him for almost 2 hours, to portray conditions that cause hypothermia, he had such a blast."

− Jackson's Mom

"My experience at CGTV was fantastic! Not only did I have lots of fun, I met great people and I learned important acting skills from wonderful actors which led to a commercial for Disney."

− Jr.
Max Leifman

"I would like to say thanks for having Kaelan at your camp this summer! You have no idea how great it is to talk to him every night after classes! He finally has a group of peers he can relate to. He usually prefers adults to kids his age…. Truly! This entire process has been such a positive experience. He loves all the teachers and is so pumped up every time I talk to him."

− Sheila Jungmeyer

"Last year, we had a meeting with Samantha’s school. They wanted to do months worth of tests and evaluations to see if she was “special needs” or had a learning disability because she was very apprehensive about speeking in front of people, “forgetful”, perfectionistic, etc. The tests showed that she was actually average to above average academically.They concluded that her problem was anxiety and depression and told me to find a counselor.
Your workshop has done what no counselor could have ever done. You really have given her a once in a lifetime opportunity and made her feel special, and accepted."

− Catherine Pecararo

"As we all know: “All good things must come to an end”. Today is the closing of this wonderful workshop in which our daughter has, so gracefully and jovially, participated. You are helping so many children develop their great sense of self-expression as well improving their level of confidence.
Best regards,"

− Amabelle and parents

"When she heard your commercial she begged me to take her to the audition. That day she left with her eyes gleaming saying “Mommy, I know I did great.” She was usually such a shy child and I couldn’t believe her enthusiasm. So, when she got the call to come to the workshop she was ecstatic. It was a big investment for an 8 yr old and after much research, we said ok. What a difference it has made in her life so far. She gained so much confidence and self esteem from the workshop it’s unbelievable. Even her teacher said she couldn’t believe the difference a few weeks made."

− Lynn

"Basically this workshop is amazingly awesome! Regardless if it’s for acting and/or for just gaining skills like I have received, I recommend this CGTV to anyone! Thanks to this workshop, I got a local agent from Chrome Talent and the agent from Chrome has been giving me jobs to do and big auditions for things like commercials, Disney Channel, MTV, and other kinds of shows. I don’t know where else I would be if it weren’t for the CGTV.

Thank again CGTV team!I don’t think I can thank you enough "

− Kristin Fines