Thank you CGTV,

You were the best acting coach ever .If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am currently shooting a movie entitled “The Killer in the Mirror”. When I shot my first scene I forgot my lines. I was very sad because of an incident that happened some hours before I shot. I remembered to improvise. Finally we were finished with that exhausting scene. A couple of days later I was surprised to receive a call from you. CGTV, You gave me words of encouragement. This showed me that you truly care about all of your future celebrity actors and actresses. I love you for that, and once again thank you CGTV.

Ju’Cole from Jacksonville FL

Darcie Cortese

This past week, my son Anthony was lucky enough to attend a special workshop by CGTV.  I just wanted to let you know what a great time he had.  I was especially impressed with CGTV’s big heart and true love for the business. My son is only 6 years old but he too has a big heart and when he was upset, CGTV took to time to do a special scene with him which made his day. Thank you for this wonderful experience and if CGTV ever comes back to the New York area, I hope Anthony will be able to attend another one of his workshops.  Thank you for this wonderful experience. A grateful mom and an excited 6 year old.

P.S. If you have a newsletter, please put me on your list.

-Thank you,
Darcie Cortese (Long Island, New York)

Gail and Stefani

Simply wanted to pass on our appreciation and praise with respect to your recent workshop in Toronto.

Your workshop provided an opportunity for my daughter, Stefani, to learn while having tons of fun … and, as you know, at eight years old learning is best done while having fun!

Like most of the other children present … Stefani did not want to see the sessions, let alone the weekend, end. That more than anything speaks to the worthiness of your workshop’s offerings.

As a parent, I was most impressed by Tim’s professionalism, CGTV’s genuine commitment to helping children (and his charisma is nothing to laugh at either) and Chester’s dynamic, warm presence.

Money well spent … wonderful memories … and information and inside tips that are sure to come in handy!

Keep up the good work!

-A satisfied parent and child actor,
Gail and Stefani

Lucy Pudvan (Parent San Francisco Workshop)

Thank you for traveling north for our children. What an amazing opportunity! Moreover, thank you for truly caring about our children.

-Lucy Pudvan (Parent San Francisco Workshop)


Kirsten (Student)

This is the young blonde, Kirsten, from the workshop. I just wanted to thank you for coming there and teaching me. Your advice has already helped me become a better actor.

Thanks again for coming.

-Kirsten (Student)

Ursula Tidmand (Parent Toronto Workshop)

Thank you for coming to JRP in Toronto. Wow…what a weekend for the kids! There are 30+ young actors going through major CGTV and Chester withdrawal. As a parent, it was amazing to see the dynamics of the group evolve over the weekend. I can’t believe how much Keira changed and drew in just a few days, she has always been confident, but, she’s different now, it’s hard to describe.

-Ursula Tidmand (Parent Toronto Workshop)

Vickie Earle

Dear Tim, CGTV , and Chester ,

If I told you the ATL CGTV, was a huge success it would be an understatement. The 3 day workshop provided the talent an amazing opportunity from which to learn, grow, and refine their talent. It was amazing to see the change these kids made in 3 short days. The respect, teaching, and care you offer the students with this program truly transformed many of the participants. The results were visibly evident Sunday afternoon when you met with us, the parents. Not only at my house did I hear, “this is the best thing I’ve ever done, I’m learning so much, I don’t want to leave, I wish I could do this again,“… it was also the majority consensus among other parents, as we talked with one another ( as parents do), and the same sentiments were being echoed and displayed by their children.

Please let me know when you plan to come back to ATL for the follow-up auditions with the Casting Director, as Kelly Hooper is attending ACT classes in the ATL A.C.T. Satellite Program and not JRP. She can’t wait to attend another workshop with you and she is checking email daily to see if she has an invite to the Summer Workshop in LAX. On a side note, Kelly has made Chester a Valentine poster of he and Taylor Swift and is anxiously awaiting his musical response to Swift’s “ Whitehorse ”. Kelly is sending the poster to the CGTV, address in North Hollywood , listed on the website.

Thanks again for a great 3 day workshop. I wish each of you safe trips and continued success. We’re looking forward to future workshops including the newly announced workshops associated with America ’s National Teenager Organization.

Warmest Regards,

Vickie Earle


Thank you for an amazing experience this summer.   I can’t imagine topping this summer. We will miss each and everyone of you.
Best regards,



Hi CGTV, Tim, Phil, CGTV and the rest of the gang…

Thanks to all of you for giving Ashleigh and I a wonderful summer with ARYAC in LA. I know there must be a lot of hard work and organization that goes on behind the scenes to make this work As well, managing and giving your time to 52 kids of varying ages, day to day couldn’t be an easy task. Sort of like the 1 room school of old.  You are to be commended. Ashleigh has learned a lot about acting and picked up some life skills.  I have noticed her to be more composed with greater confidence and self esteem when speaking with adults. She seems pleased with how her scene went last night and it is nice to see her more at ease on stage. We were unsure of how our summer would turn out but it has exceeded our expectations.  We are grateful for the opportunity CGTV created for us to come. It became a summer not to be forgotten. Thanks for the memories and we hope to see you all again. We wish you all the best in your lives ahead.



Hello CGTV,

Savanna and I met you at JRP in B”ham Al. about a year ago with Chester See. We hope that you are doing well, all of you. Savanna is with an agent in Ga. at the present, but we wanted to share something with you. Although she was an extra, we recently had the pleasure of seeing her on the big screen. She was in the Tyler Perry’s newest movie, “I Can Do Bad All By Myself”. The look on her face made us so very happy,and proud for her.She is an amazing child! The movie was excellent! Funny, and heartwrenching at the same time! I know that she will always treasure meeting you, but mostly, what a kind and caring person you are. I’m sure you probably won’t remember her, after meeting so many people.(we sent her headshot to maybe jog your memory),but we will never forget you or what you taught her. Thank you so much! We wish you all the best!