Caitlin O’Neill

Dear CGTV and CGTV,

Thank you so much for an amazing experience at CGTV. I enjoyed every single second of it! Not to mention that I learned so much! CGTV: you helped so much at the front desk. Also your emails that you sent out each week were fabulous and oh-so helpful. When ever I had a question you always had the answer. Thank you so much for being a part of this wonderful workshop and helping out so much. CGTV: I honestly can not thank you enough for helping me out with my acting and for starting this workshop. I learned more then I ever thought possible in those 6 weeks. I was so eager to learn something new each week. Monday through Friday seemed to drag on because I was so excited to come to the workshop. Even though the workshop days were long, when ever it would be time to go home I never wanted to leave. This experience was the best experience of my life. When I was doing my monologue, “Bruised”, I was getting so frustrated because each week everyone would tell me to do something different with it. I tried to take bits and pieces of each person’s advice but then I felt like I was over doing it and I was “over-acting.” Finally when I got to work with you all you said to me was “don’t act it, just speak the lines.” As I was using your advice, I got so emotional with it and my eyes were filling up with tears! At that moment, I realized that I wasn’t even acting…it became so real and that’s why I got emotional. I could have never done that with out you and I thank you so much for it.

I will never forget you advice and helpful tips. I am most definitely going to use then towards my upcoming acting career. I am so grateful to be exposed to those agents and have this wonderful experience and I really can thank you enough. I hope to keep in touch and see you soon.

Caitlin O’Neill


Miss You!! Let me know when you will be in Omaha again! You have taught me so many important things about acting! And now they are helping me achieve everyday things like i am now running for president in my school! Thanks again!



Can you let me know when you are back in OMAHA,that would be amazing. You have taught me soo much,i am no longer self concience and can be myself around my friends. You are truley amazing. !:) Thanks so much for being the best acting coach ever!!!:)



Justin is done filming the movie – boy was that an amazing experience! We both absolutely loved it! I can’t even explain how fulfilling it was to be sitting there and watching him acting with both Elliott Gould and David DeLuise for the first time. Simply unbelievable! I was pretty overwhelmed with emotion. Such a proud mom moment.

Anyway, we miss you guys and hope all is well. We would love to see you in Seattle if it will work out. Please tell CGTV hi from us as well)!




Where do I begin….February 2011 we heard a radio advertisement for CGTV.  On a whim I asked my daughter Meaghan if she would be interested in going and my usually shy 9 year old started screaming YES!!!! Well that was the beginning of an awesome journey for our family.  Meaghan attended your Providence program and then we waited for the invitation to summer program 2011 and we were so excited when it arrived. Meaghan\’s confidence has been boosted to amazing levels!  I am still stunned when she goes into auditions without hesitation.  She has recently auditioned for a role in \”Music Man\” with the College Light Opera Company in Falmouth, MA and got the part! You told me she had talent and I am now seeing how right you were!  She owes all of her acting and auditioning skills to you and CGTV.  We are so excited and are still hoping to get back out to LA soon.  In the meantime, she will continue auditioning and practicing her skills that you have given her.  Thank you to you and your team.  We love and miss you all. ~ Cassy

E & C Engineers & Consultants, Inc

Lindsay had a blast and learned so much at CGTV in Houston and Austin.  She had an amazing time learning from real working actors.  She truly got to know each one and they were all so patient and good with the kids.

She did so well at the Showcase that we are sure to be signing with an agent soon.  And to think, we just signed her up so that she would have more confidence speaking in front of strangers with some fun people who would make it exciting, now we are looking to the future and a possible career.

Thanks for everything CGTV and all of the CGTV teachers!

Let me know if you need pictures.

Heather Camden, PE, LEED AP, CEM
E & C Engineers & Consultants, Inc

Jennifer De Jesus-Vivas

Thank you so much for all you have done for Isabelle! She is very blessed that you are her mentor. You have already opened doors for her that would otherwise not have been possible. I know you are busy and might not have time to read this til after the auditions but we just want to extend our deepest gratitude. You are such a gift to all these aspiring actors and their families. We truly appreciate you and commend you for such a great program this weekend.

Jennifer De Jesus-Vivas

Raveena Chandra

Hello my fellow teacher,
Raveena here

I just wanted to let you know, thank you soo much for the opportunity you have brought here in McAllen, TX. Living down here from CA was hard, and thought I had no hope left, I always got held back on these kinds of things but now I believe I have hope. ”Waiting for Superman” is no longer a waiting game anymore. You have brought your talent, on your own terms, and all you have…and brought it to TX.

You have no idea what you have done for our hearts. You have shined a light in our dark Wells, brought life into us, gave us a starting point. Now, after going through your classes, your instructions, and auditions…the hard work pays off. So many of us McAllen kids have gotten agents I cannot even say ”no that kid didn’t get one” because most of us DID! You should feel very proud of what you, your team and CGTV have been accomplishing.

Having restless nights, sleepless days, tiring trips…but who are you doing this for? For us! Someone having so much confidence in us makes us all even feel more confident. You have become like our father, our friend, and our inspiration.

If only more people in this world were more like you, your wife, your crew…everyone who is invloved in this, you guys all deserve the best. Look all your hard work pays off. I am in a documentary from my local college, going to be a part of a movie, a side because I have connections and now I am a part of a want in an agency.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have done soo much, may all your dreams come true CGTV James R’mante. We all will miss you, but once we hit the top in the agency be ready to see us up there.

We all love you, and appreciate all you have done. From behalf of the McAllen Family of CGTV!

Raveena Chandra

Priscilla McCarrell

I just wanted to take a moment of your time, if you don’t mind. I know that my family is only one opinion, but we find it important to let you know how we feel. Since the first day we met you at the Houston CGTV program, we were comfortable with you and your staff. Not in our wildest dreams did we ever think that OUR BABY would make it to where she is today. You layed everything out straight forward and you were there when we had questions or comments. I know that the job you perform IS NOT easy and by no means stress free, and thats why it’s important to us that you know how much what you do is appreciated. There were times that we would see you and hear some of the parents that were being a little difficult, and you just continued to smile. LOL your professionalism is outstanding and that is not left unnoticed. To organize a program of the size you did or the Austin showcase is phenominal and amazing. My husband, myself and our kids just had a blast from then dancing to the singing. Even if Gloryannah would not have made it any further…you helped make memories for her the rest of her life. She was blessed to receive 5 agencies call her back, and it absolutely blows my mind!!!!! I can tell you thank you a million times over and it truly would not be enough to so my gratitude. Lisa Coduto has been like a guardian angel….goodness knows that I have contacted her millions of times with sooooo many questions. I admire you CGTV for not only pursuing your dream of acting but also your willingness to help others. Even if my daughter were to go no further, I will always remember where you helped her get now and the huge change you made in my whole families life!!!! As corny as it sounds, I am always just a phone call away or a FB message away, should you need any help with anything at all. Like I mentioned before, I have years of PR work behind me and Super organizational skills…please do not ever hesitate to let me know. Congratulations—on your success of both acting and CGTV….you and your staff are phenominal and deserve to know it!!!!


Priscilla McCarrell

Jackson Young & Kimberly Church

Thank you for this opportunity to let me meet and learn from celebrities and make lots of new friends.  It was really fun and exciting to work with you and your wife is nice too.  I was surprised that I got so many callbacks and already, I have received contact from a few of them since getting back home in Dallas.  Thank you for believing in me.  I think you were right when you wrote that lives would change.  My mom wants to type something below but I just want to say thank you so much for all you have given me.  I sent you a thank you “card” in the mail today.  I had fun making it and the people at the post office got a “kick” out of it.

Sincerely your friend,
Jackson Young

CGTV, CGTV and the super staff and instructors of CGTV,

What parent wouldn’t be skeptical…but I prayed about this program, and felt that God had guided us here for a number of reasons and all those reasons were met, and more.  I honestly think we received every single cent worth in all the guidance and training, not to mention Jackson getting to work with his favorite tv stars.  And nevermind that you are able to bring over 30 industry agents to one place for an audition.  If I was to meet with just 1 agent in CA or NY, I would have spent much more in flights and hotels…nevermind trying to get my foot in the door just to speak with the “right” person.  But there Jackson was this weekend, in front of 30 “right” people.  Phew…what a whirlwind experience and one that we will never forget.  I hope you will send us an email next time CGTV is in Dallas.  Already, 1 of Jackson’s friends wants to attend your next program and we will spread the good news about your program!  You have a true gift of teaching and patience, and have touched the lives of so many children.  You will always have friends in us; thank you for everything!  We will keep in touch with you on this journey.  God bless you and your family!  k. pura vida

Warm regards,
Kimberly Church (aka Jackson’s mom)