Sheila Jungmeyer

I would like to say thanks for having Kaelan at your program this summer! You have no idea how great it is to talk to him every night after classes! He finally has a group of peers he can relate to. He usually prefers adults to kids his age…. Truly! This entire process has been such a positive experience. He loves all the teachers and is so pumped up every time I talk to him.

I wish I could have been out there with him the entire time! I would have if I could! Im just glad I was able to help him chase his dream!! I will be out the 17th thru the 21st.

Keep up the amazing work. This had been life changing in the greatest way for Kaelan to finally find his niche!!

Jearnest Corchado

CGTV, Hope your ok! Thank you for everything that you have done for us. I have never imagined that I would come so far, and here I am. You have been like a light in my life. Since I was a little girl I have dreamt of becoming an actress in Hollywood, and today I can say that I’m in the correct path in order to make that happen, and all thanks to you. The program was amazing, everyone was SO TALENTED and the people you brought us to work with were awesome actors!! I feel like everyone there is my family starting with you. You are a wonderful person, and there are no words to express how grateful I am with you. You have been not just a teacher, but an angel in my life and I feel like if God has sent you to help me in what I’ve always ask him for. The showcase was AMAZIIIIIIIING!!!! I’m in PR, but some of the people of the program and me are planning to come in Pilot Season! So I hope to see you by then [?] :’) Thanks for bringing up all those agents and managers, I hope they’ve liked us [:)] Anyways, in conclusion thanks for the opportunities, for thinking in us, the kids and teenagers, and in our dreams; as you said you will be forever in my life; and if one day I have the luck of becoming big, that will be thanks to YOU. Someday I’ll tell you my story of how I knew about the audition of the program in PR., because thanks to that I understand today, that “what is for you, no matter what, will always be for you.”

Thanks and I’ll see you soon [?] love you both, CGTV and you!!!

Max Leifman

My experience at CGTV was fantastic! Not only did I have lots of fun, I met great people and I learned important acting skills from wonderful actors which led to a commercial for Disney, Jr.

Lauren Green

Elijah Marcov, represented by the Green Agency Miami,/ LA just booked his first SAG huge commercial for Ford Fusion. Elijah is a young character actor who Lauren Green met at one of CGTV R’Mantes fabulous workshops. I just loved Elijahs face and signed him immediately. He has been with us for about a year and Elijah has been a great kid. This is his first huge job. The Green Agency looks forward to many more bookings for this young dynamo.

Im a smilin!!!


Jackson had his first big booking today for an American Heart Association commercial. He plays a kid with hypothermia and despite the sprinklers and fans on him for almost 2 hours, to portray conditions that cause hypothermia, he had such a blast.

He also attended a seminar recently with Mitchell Gossett, at Jackson’s acting studio, and Mitchell immediately remembered Jackson from your acting program showcase in Austin. He received great feedback from Mitchell again. Jackson continues to develop and hone in on his trade at Cathryn Sullivan’s, and is loving every second of it. Jackson and Mallorie, (Mallorie Mahoney was the young girl with curly blonde hair in the same program…they both signed with Kim Dawson and both train at Cathryn Sullivan’s) are often asked, “How did you get your start in this business?” and they reply, “CGTV.” (ps. Mallorie just wrapped a Chuckee Cheese commercial).

I hope my next email will deliver news of his next booking. Please put us on your email/newsletter list to receive your newsletters, so when you come back to Dallas, we can tell our friends with kids who are looking to get into show business, and they can audition their kids for your program. Anytime you’re in Dallas, you and your family are welcome at our dinner table, (just remember, it’s Texas, so it’s down-home cooking with spice…not the healthy bits of food you probably get in L.A.). hehe

God bless you and your family. Merry Christmas.

Gina Treveloni

Dear CGTV,

I enjoyed every minute of the CGTV workshops. Having the chance to be taught by such great actors was one of the best experiences of my life. Since the program ended, I have been taking what I’ve learned and applying it to my comedic monologue and continue to work on it every day. I would love the chance to attend your summer program and continue learning new things and getting more opportunities in the industry. Acting was something that I thought I’d try after I was forced to end gymnastics due to injury and cannot even begin to explain how much I have fallen in love with it. Just like your story of mowing lawns to get gas money for auditions, I have been taking on and looking for babysitting jobs and any other ways to make money to help pay for the plane ticket in the hopes of being accepted. Before CGTV I used to dream about acting. Now I realize that dream has become a reality. I have headshots, am a member of, and auditioned for a casting director and agents. I am so thankful to have your CGTV program information packet and on-going support from your office to help me understand this business that I now feel a part of. I can only imagine what your summer program has to offer. I would really appreciate a spot in the summer program.

Thank you for your help and the time you’ve given me already.

Sharon Pennington

Good Morning Adrian and CGTV,

It’s been some time since we’ve seen or spoken to you – however, I was reflecting this morning on our life here in Southern Cali and where Jaclyn is in her college life and I couldn’t help but take a moment and let you know that we are thankful for you and for your acting camp.   It is TRULY the reason Jaclyn is attending Concordia University in Irvine – it is the reason our family relocated to California and I wanted you to know how blessed we were and are by the opportunity you gave Jaclyn and the positive influence you were and are on her.

She is growing and learning and preparing each day for that day she gets to step out and step up.  This photo is her Concordia Concert Choir official photo and she’ll be performing in 5 cities in Italy in May with the choir.  She’s been in every theater production (in some form) at the college since arriving last year and is now working in the theater department as a side job.  As a mom – I am so excited and of course, proud, of her accomplishments – but mostly of the fact that she’s held strong to her faith and to who she is as  a person.   I thank you for instilling that positive strength and resolve in your acting students.  Do not grow weary in your task – it is a worthwhile one – even on the long, long days!!

My son has also been influenced and touched as he is now attending a Charter School (Encore School of Performing Arts) as a pianist in the Music Conservatory.  He was also chosen to be a front row audience member for an upcoming show (Win, Lose or Draw) airing in Dec or Jan because “of his look”. If he shows any further interest – I will definitely be contacting you!!!!

I hope this finds you and CGTV well and either in the midst of another class or preparing for the next.   Stay strong my friend and keep your wonderful positive spirit!

Hugs and kisses from all of us!

Tian Brown-Sampson

Hi Adrian!

(the subject was not an exaggeration. Prepare for a full out essay. Enjoy!)

I want to thank you for everything you have given me within my short stay in the US.
Before I came, I was in the lowest point in my life and I had felt completely lost and discouraged within myself. Being a part of the CGTV and meeting you and Brian and working alongside everyone, doing what I love, has given me a better insight into what I want out of life and how I’m going to approach it. Even better yet, I feel like I’ve rediscovered who I am again and I have you and Brian to thank for that. I have never felt so strong, beautiful, empowered and inspired in my life as I have with you both and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Tim, Virgil, Matt and Matthew Mitchell all taught me something without them even knowing and they’ve helped me become a better and stronger person as well. I sincerely value the faith and guidance you all have put into me because it’s allowed me to have more faith in myself.

It is so difficult to try to hold onto that high that I’ve had while in LA back in London and it has been so easy to sink back into that low place and feel constantly defeated. But I haven’t forgotten a word you have said to me and no matter how long it takes or how much of a struggle it is, I will continue to pick myself back up. The only thing I can regret in life is not trying or not working hard enough and letting someone else take an opportunity from me or even worse, letting myself let an opportunity pass me by. I understand more than ever that it’s the effort and work you put in that determines how far you go.

I had an audition for a community company with the Old Vic theatre last week (which I didn’t get into- but the audition was a lot of fun and another new experience to learn from!) and at the end of this month I have the biggest audition of my life so far for the National Youth Theatre. If you haven’t heard of NYT, it’s a prestigious acting school for young actors and Daniel Day Lewis, Helen Mirren, Daniel Craig and tons of other successful actors have attended there – and I really hope I can join them. I’m also writing my second draft for my play and looking at young writer competitions and youth groups at theatres. All alongside my A Levels.

I am starting taking better care of myself, my education and my future because I know what I want and I am more than willing to work for it. So thank you so much, because without my experience with you all in LA I wouldn’t have such clarity and motivation to progress head first into the next stage of my life.

I wish you all the best for the future and I hope to see and hear from you again soon!