Hi CGTV, Tim, Phil, CGTV and the rest of the gang…

Thanks to all of you for giving Ashleigh and I a wonderful summer with ARYAC in LA. I know there must be a lot of hard work and organization that goes on behind the scenes to make this work As well, managing and giving your time to 52 kids of varying ages, day to day couldn’t be an easy task. Sort of like the 1 room school of old.  You are to be commended. Ashleigh has learned a lot about acting and picked up some life skills.  I have noticed her to be more composed with greater confidence and self esteem when speaking with adults. She seems pleased with how her scene went last night and it is nice to see her more at ease on stage. We were unsure of how our summer would turn out but it has exceeded our expectations.  We are grateful for the opportunity CGTV created for us to come. It became a summer not to be forgotten. Thanks for the memories and we hope to see you all again. We wish you all the best in your lives ahead.