Brittney Grabill

Life is so unbelievable good right now! I’ve attached a movie poster that just got released. This was the movie I filmed all last summer and it was my first lead in a feature film. It’s premiering soon, and I’ve had a number of other roles in shorts and features, I’m rockin auditions over here, man!!!!!

Brittney Grabill

Billy, Talent Manager


I appreciate all the hard work you put into these kids’ careers and the help that you offered (especially today) to give them that extra shot. Please feel free to post the following quote on any site or advertising.

CGTV R’Mante has proven again and again that he has an incredible eye for spotting talented youth and strengthening their abilities. so they can successfully compete against their peers. He genuinely cares about his students’ welfare and knows how to focus on all their individual needs. The difference between CGTV’s workshop showcases and many others is simple – at CGTV’s, I know every kid will be a quality actor!

FYI, I am going to be interviewed about the state of the business on a local TV program this coming Monday and may mention you by name (if the conversation goes in the direction of workshops) … of course in a positive light. Thanks again!

Talent Manager

Trish DeRouen

Hey CGTV! Hope you’ve recovered from workshop!!!

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did for Myles. He learned so much and, as I said before, if was so fun to watch him transform during the time he was in LA. Please thank CGTV and Virgil for me as well. They were so great the three weeks we were there.

Now an update – This past weekend we went to New Orleans for a Regional Talent program. Had we not gone to your workshop program then we would not have had headshots and Resume (they told us to bring 2 pictures and that we wouldn’t be giving any to the agents). But I brought the headshots and resume’s anyway (thank goodness). Myles performed his monologue in front of 40 agents and managers, and over 1000 people. He nailed it! He didn’t appear nervous, he spoke loudly and with great articulation.

HE GOT 6 CALLBACKS!!! He could not have done this without all the time and training from you and your staff!!! He spoke with an agent from Atlanta, New Orleans, New York, and 3 from LA!!! You would have been so proud! I know I was and AM!!!

Thank you again! We are discussing coming out during pilot season and would love to come to the workshop at that time!!!

Hope everyone is well! Tell CGTV and Virgil hello!

Hope to see you soon – Trish DeRouen

Vanessa Cuomo

Dear CGTV,

When my daughter heard the ad on the radio my immediate reaction was to roll my eyes.  Being the cynical New Yorker that I am I was sure it was a scam.  But my daughter is a determined actress and we had nothing to do so we made the appointment and went.  The first thing that struck me was there was no sales pitch.  Why aren’t the trying to sell me on their program the way the John Roberts School did?  They didn’t even tell me what we were auditioning for exactly.  I now know why.  They didn’t want just anyone getting excited about the program, because it’s not just for anyone no matter how much money you have.  You have to have talent, intelligence, determination and drive.  This isn’t about making money this is about building dreams.  In my experience with CGTV, money seems to be a necessary evil to run a business as opposed to the driving factor.  I’ve spoken with many parents who were helped out by CGTV, myself included, because he believed in our children.  No one, I mean no one can guarantee your child will be on TV except the casting director who hires her for a show.  If that’s what you’re looking for then let me know when you find it.  What CGTV gives them is the tools to make their dreams possible. They learn how to prepare for an audition, what to expect and how to behave.  As a parent, you learn the business and how to navigate though it, including headshots, resumes, agents and managers.  The education is unbelievable and is all done by recognizable stars that have a genuine interest in your child and absolutely know the business.  The cherry on top is CGTV then puts your children in front of people that would normally be impossible to see.  The amount of success is incredible.  My daughter now has an agent which I didn’t even know how to go about before this.  Many of her friends not only have agents but have booked commercials and even the coveted TV show.

CGTV is not only great with children, knowledgeable, and a wonderful educator, he is an extraordinary human being.  He is genuinely loving and caring.  He is one of the best people I’ve ever met and I feel honored to know him.  Even if my daughter never does anything within the entertainment business, what we have learned makes it all (including the money)definitely worth it.  The best thing is even when workshop ends CGTV still helps us. He responds to emails same day, he’s always there for you.


Vanessa Cuomo (Julia’s mom – Miami)

Kristin Fines


My name is Kristin and I was a performer in the CGTV at Orlando in the year 2010 and then recently was invited/joined the 2011 summer CGTV in Los Angeles, California. The CGTV Workshop has helped me in so many ways I have no idea where to begin!

Well I first heard about this workshop through the radio and I honestly thought this was a big scam and I should just ignore the ad. The next few days I kept hearing the ad every once in a while and I started thinking at the end of the week “If I hear this ad one more time I’ll check it out.” And obviously, it did play one last time and I went to go check it out. CELEBRITY CGTV IS NOT A SCAM. It was actually the BEST thing that has ever happened to me. It’s every young actors dream, including my own, to work hands-on with celebrities – a.k.a professionals that went through many audition processes, done shows/movies, met agents, and pros that know everything about the entertainment industry. The celebrities in this workshop are very professional and are so determined to help every single performer, including myself, be successful in every lesson and workshop they teach. They are completely honest with their comments on each performer and upfront which I believe is a true and helpful teacher. They point out our weaknesses that we have in our performances and help us improve on it. At the end of each program, the celebrities, especially CGTV and his wife CGTV (whom are like the Supercouple team since they are helpful to all) talk to the parents and the performers about everything we have learned and what is soon to come. Parents and/ performers that have questions or concerns they want to talk about with CGTV, he will sit down and talk with them one-on-one with whatever performance needs.

Besides increasing my acting skills, Celebrity Sta has changed me as well (in a great positive way of course!) I have learned how to be more confident in what I do, became so much better in memorizing, and have become a lot better with public speaking. For a fact, all of these skills will impact my future positively whether it’s for college or a future career.

Basically this workshop is amazingly awesome! Regardless if it’s for acting and/or for just gaining skills like I have received, I recommend this CGTV to anyone! Thanks to this workshop, I got a local agent from Chrome Talent (thanks to CGTV because at the end of the workshop he let the performers do a showcase in front of local agents and an L.A producer!) and the agent from Chrome has been giving me jobs to do and big auditions for things like commercials, Disney Channel, MTV, and other kinds of shows. I don’t know where else I would be if it weren’t for the CGTV.

Thank again CGTV R’Mante and the CGTV team!I don’t think I can thank you enough.

-Kristin Fines

Jai Saint, Chrome Talent Management

CGTV is the only place Chrome Talent Looks for our kids and teen talents.  I have gone to 5 of your workshops now, and each time I go I try to gather as many of the talents I can! The reason being, is your talents and their parents are ready to work. They are well versed in the knowledge of how to book jobs.  They are always prepared with their monologues, polite, and very considerate. Since Chrome Talent has been attending CGTV our kids and teen booking ratio is up 95% from before. Recently we have booked 8 kids from CGTV on a Universal Studios Commercial, 2 on a Snapper Commercial, 2 on a Brighthouse commercial, several film projects, just to name a few.  They are all constantly requested for auditions and callbacks! Chrome Talent could not be happier to work with CGTV and CGTV and I’m super excited to attend the next CGTV in January!

Jai Saint
Executive Director
Chrome Talent Management
Orlando, Florida



I wanted to let you know how proud we are of Jaclyn.  Since she attended CGTV in February of 2011 in Providence, she was picked up by an agency in Boston and has gone on many auditions.  She was chosen for and extra part in the movie Moonrise Kingdom (she was a Tang Kid and a Refugee Kid) and her most recent was the attached link to a commercial for Ideapaint.

When she heard your commercial she begged me to take her to the audition.  That day she left with her eyes gleaming saying “Mommy, I know I did great.”  She was usually such a shy child and I couldn’t believe her enthusiasm.  So, when she got the call to come to the workshop she was ecstatic.  It was a big investment for an 8 yr old and after much research, we said ok.  What a difference it has made in her life so far.  She gained so much confidence and self esteem from the workshop it’s unbelievable.  Even her teacher said she couldn’t believe the difference a few weeks made.

She still talks about what she learned at workshop and often says “CGTV told us that……” and my favorite “If you’re on time….you’re late!” She enjoyed working with you, CGTV, Chester, Matthew, Cameron and Tanya and was so happy she got to say hello to you when you were here in October.  CGTV was a great investment for our child.  We would have never known her love for acting or a way to get her started.  I hope we can come to your Summer workshop next year.

Thanks again for the wonderful program you have put together.

Amabelle and Parents

As we all know: “All good things must come to an end”. Today is the closing of this wonderful workshop in which our daughter has, so gracefully and jovially, participated. You are helping so many children develop their great sense of self-expression as well improving their level of confidence. As Amabelle’s parents, we are forever grateful to you and we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the great things you have thought her during this short period of time. We do not see it only as a simple workshop program but a vital part of our daughter’s development. Because of the great enthusiasm she has demonstrated throughout the entire program, we hope she will pursue this endeavor to a level of achievement. We owe it all to you as well since we have learned tremendously from this experience.

We would like to specifically give our special thanks to: CGTV, CGTV, Justin, Jonathan, Cameron and the others who have contributed so highly in the background.

We look forward to seeing you again.

Catherine Pecararo

Dear CGTV and CGTV,

I really can not thank you enough for all you have done, as well as all that you do for the kids. It is truly amazing and It goes so far beyond teaching the kids about the business and how to act.

Last year, we had a meeting with Samantha’s school. They wanted to do months worth of tests and evaluations to see if she was “special needs” or had a learning disability because she was very apprehensive about speeking in front of people, “forgetful”, perfectionistic, etc. The tests showed that she was actually average to above average academically.They concluded that her problem was anxiety and depression and told me to find a counselor.

Your workshop has done what no counselor could have ever done. You really have given her a once in a lifetime opportunity and made her feel special, and accepted. She has confidence and enthusiasm that she has never had. Before, if she was told “no” or got something wrong, or was faced with a set back of any kind, it would kill her for days. She now bounces back instantly with so much understanding, maturity, and determination. She really is like a different kid!!!

I’m not sure if you have already decided on the kids going to summer workshop yet, but if you are still deciding could you please keep Sam in mind? I think it would be such a great learning opportunity and (despite all the hard work and long hours that I explained to her would be involved in the workshop) she is so excited about the possibility of being chosen.

Either way, I thank you CGTV and CGTV from the bottom of my heart!! When you guys do start a family, you are both going to be amazing parents!!!
God bless and hope to see you soon!!

Sheila Jungmeyer

I would like to say thanks for having Kaelan at your program this summer! You have no idea how great it is to talk to him every night after classes! He finally has a group of peers he can relate to. He usually prefers adults to kids his age…. Truly! This entire process has been such a positive experience. He loves all the teachers and is so pumped up every time I talk to him.

I wish I could have been out there with him the entire time! I would have if I could! Im just glad I was able to help him chase his dream!! I will be out the 17th thru the 21st.

Keep up the amazing work. This had been life changing in the greatest way for Kaelan to finally find his niche!!