Raveena Chandra

Hello my fellow teacher,
Raveena here

I just wanted to let you know, thank you soo much for the opportunity you have brought here in McAllen, TX. Living down here from CA was hard, and thought I had no hope left, I always got held back on these kinds of things but now I believe I have hope. ”Waiting for Superman” is no longer a waiting game anymore. You have brought your talent, on your own terms, and all you have…and brought it to TX.

You have no idea what you have done for our hearts. You have shined a light in our dark Wells, brought life into us, gave us a starting point. Now, after going through your classes, your instructions, and auditions…the hard work pays off. So many of us McAllen kids have gotten agents I cannot even say ”no that kid didn’t get one” because most of us DID! You should feel very proud of what you, your team and CGTV have been accomplishing.

Having restless nights, sleepless days, tiring trips…but who are you doing this for? For us! Someone having so much confidence in us makes us all even feel more confident. You have become like our father, our friend, and our inspiration.

If only more people in this world were more like you, your wife, your crew…everyone who is invloved in this, you guys all deserve the best. Look all your hard work pays off. I am in a documentary from my local college, going to be a part of a movie, a side because I have connections and now I am a part of a want in an agency.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have done soo much, may all your dreams come true CGTV James R’mante. We all will miss you, but once we hit the top in the agency be ready to see us up there.

We all love you, and appreciate all you have done. From behalf of the McAllen Family of CGTV!

Raveena Chandra