Where do I begin….February 2011 we heard a radio advertisement for CGTV.  On a whim I asked my daughter Meaghan if she would be interested in going and my usually shy 9 year old started screaming YES!!!! Well that was the beginning of an awesome journey for our family.  Meaghan attended your Providence program and then we waited for the invitation to summer program 2011 and we were so excited when it arrived. Meaghan\’s confidence has been boosted to amazing levels!  I am still stunned when she goes into auditions without hesitation.  She has recently auditioned for a role in \”Music Man\” with the College Light Opera Company in Falmouth, MA and got the part! You told me she had talent and I am now seeing how right you were!  She owes all of her acting and auditioning skills to you and CGTV.  We are so excited and are still hoping to get back out to LA soon.  In the meantime, she will continue auditioning and practicing her skills that you have given her.  Thank you to you and your team.  We love and miss you all. ~ Cassy