Film Trends to Watch for in 2018

With every new calendar year comes a new set of trends to follow…
January 24, 2018/by Virgil R'Mante
Acting Talent

Nurturing Your Acting Talent

They say repetition is the mother of perfection.  In other words,…
January 4, 2018/by Virgil R'Mante
Pilot Season

What is a Pilot Season?

Most aspiring actors will tell you there is a lot to learn about…
December 13, 2017/by Virgil R'Mante
First Audition

Approaching Your First Audition

Acting may be an art, but being an actor is a career. And, like…
November 21, 2017/by Virgil R'Mante
Kelley Lucas

Kelley Lucas

When it comes to pursuing an acting career, it takes a lot more…
October 19, 2017/by Virgil R'Mante
Raising a Child Actor

Tips for Raising a Child Actor

There are many aspects of acting that may draw children in, such…
October 12, 2017/by Virgil R'Mante
CGTV graduate

Celebrating the Silver Screen Debut of a CGTV Graduate

At CGTV, one of our greatest thrills it to see former students…
September 6, 2017/by Virgil R'Mante
Successful Child Actor

What Makes a Child Actor Successful?

Certainly your child has what it takes to be a star; passion,…
August 16, 2017/by Virgil R'Mante

Making a Living as an Actor

Making a living as an actor can be challenging due to the realities…
July 21, 2017/by Virgil R'Mante
Self-taped Audition

How to Create a First-Rate Self-Taped Audition

Standing out in the mind of a casting director requires attention…
June 14, 2017/by Virgil R'Mante
Inner Artist

Discovering Your Inner Artist

Interactions between people are highly complex, and our imaginations…
May 23, 2017/by Virgil R'Mante

Want to Land that Perfect Role?

Want to Land that Perfect Role? Here’s How You Give a Winning…
April 18, 2017/by Virgil R'Mante