Greg Cashner

Hi Adrian and staff,

Thanks so much for the great seminar this past May. It really was a wonderful experience for Kimberly. Here’s a quick update: She was tagged for callbacks by 13 of the 17 agents that attended the showcase, which was phenomenal. We actually met with 6 agents before settling on a theatrical agent and a commercial agent. Both have been invaluable in giving us the right guidance and advice in getting Kimberly started in this business.

We’ve been submitting through Actors Access and LA Casting pretty regularly for about a month. Kimberly got a call back on her very first audition, which was amazing. She also completed her first commercial shoot yesterday! She got the part as the daughter in an infomercial for a kitchen device and was paid $200 for about 4 hours work. She was so excited to be filmed eating ice cream and getting a check with her name on it.

Again, thank you! None of this would have happened without your wonderful showcase. I can highly recommend it to anybody with talented kids that want to pursue an acting career.