Dallas and Regan Munch

Hi Adrian!

We signed with Carla at Alexander’s 😉

She is trying to get Regan a meeting with Disney!! Very exciting!

I am just waiting to hear back from Regan’s teacher regarding her school work if she was to miss school for a month. She is in French immersion so I am just finding out if she is allowed to miss that much. I am sure it will be fine! She is very excited to work with you again;)

We found out that if a big production like disney or a TV series or motion pic wants her then they would fast track her 01 visa, so I have my fingers crossed for her!! If not then she has to do a few more things in Canada before she can apply, and get a job offer of course!

Just keeping you updated!

I should know tomorrow if we are coming out for pilot season, just depends if I can make it work with her school work!

Thanks again for everything! Regan has grown so much as a little actress!! You and your team are amazing!!

Dallas and Regan Munch