Sharon Pennington

Good Morning Adrian and CGTV,

It’s been some time since we’ve seen or spoken to you – however, I was reflecting this morning on our life here in Southern Cali and where Jaclyn is in her college life and I couldn’t help but take a moment and let you know that we are thankful for you and for your acting camp.   It is TRULY the reason Jaclyn is attending Concordia University in Irvine – it is the reason our family relocated to California and I wanted you to know how blessed we were and are by the opportunity you gave Jaclyn and the positive influence you were and are on her.

She is growing and learning and preparing each day for that day she gets to step out and step up.  This photo is her Concordia Concert Choir official photo and she’ll be performing in 5 cities in Italy in May with the choir.  She’s been in every theater production (in some form) at the college since arriving last year and is now working in the theater department as a side job.  As a mom – I am so excited and of course, proud, of her accomplishments – but mostly of the fact that she’s held strong to her faith and to who she is as  a person.   I thank you for instilling that positive strength and resolve in your acting students.  Do not grow weary in your task – it is a worthwhile one – even on the long, long days!!

My son has also been influenced and touched as he is now attending a Charter School (Encore School of Performing Arts) as a pianist in the Music Conservatory.  He was also chosen to be a front row audience member for an upcoming show (Win, Lose or Draw) airing in Dec or Jan because “of his look”. If he shows any further interest – I will definitely be contacting you!!!!

I hope this finds you and CGTV well and either in the midst of another class or preparing for the next.   Stay strong my friend and keep your wonderful positive spirit!

Hugs and kisses from all of us!