Jackson had his first big booking today for an American Heart Association commercial. He plays a kid with hypothermia and despite the sprinklers and fans on him for almost 2 hours, to portray conditions that cause hypothermia, he had such a blast.

He also attended a seminar recently with Mitchell Gossett, at Jackson’s acting studio, and Mitchell immediately remembered Jackson from your acting program showcase in Austin. He received great feedback from Mitchell again. Jackson continues to develop and hone in on his trade at Cathryn Sullivan’s, and is loving every second of it. Jackson and Mallorie, (Mallorie Mahoney was the young girl with curly blonde hair in the same program…they both signed with Kim Dawson and both train at Cathryn Sullivan’s) are often asked, “How did you get your start in this business?” and they reply, “CGTV.” (ps. Mallorie just wrapped a Chuckee Cheese commercial).

I hope my next email will deliver news of his next booking. Please put us on your email/newsletter list to receive your newsletters, so when you come back to Dallas, we can tell our friends with kids who are looking to get into show business, and they can audition their kids for your program. Anytime you’re in Dallas, you and your family are welcome at our dinner table, (just remember, it’s Texas, so it’s down-home cooking with spice…not the healthy bits of food you probably get in L.A.). hehe

God bless you and your family. Merry Christmas.