Tian Brown-Sampson

Hi Adrian!

(the subject was not an exaggeration. Prepare for a full out essay. Enjoy!)

I want to thank you for everything you have given me within my short stay in the US.
Before I came, I was in the lowest point in my life and I had felt completely lost and discouraged within myself. Being a part of the CGTV and meeting you and Brian and working alongside everyone, doing what I love, has given me a better insight into what I want out of life and how I’m going to approach it. Even better yet, I feel like I’ve rediscovered who I am again and I have you and Brian to thank for that. I have never felt so strong, beautiful, empowered and inspired in my life as I have with you both and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Tim, Virgil, Matt and Matthew Mitchell all taught me something without them even knowing and they’ve helped me become a better and stronger person as well. I sincerely value the faith and guidance you all have put into me because it’s allowed me to have more faith in myself.

It is so difficult to try to hold onto that high that I’ve had while in LA back in London and it has been so easy to sink back into that low place and feel constantly defeated. But I haven’t forgotten a word you have said to me and no matter how long it takes or how much of a struggle it is, I will continue to pick myself back up. The only thing I can regret in life is not trying or not working hard enough and letting someone else take an opportunity from me or even worse, letting myself let an opportunity pass me by. I understand more than ever that it’s the effort and work you put in that determines how far you go.

I had an audition for a community company with the Old Vic theatre last week (which I didn’t get into- but the audition was a lot of fun and another new experience to learn from!) and at the end of this month I have the biggest audition of my life so far for the National Youth Theatre. If you haven’t heard of NYT, it’s a prestigious acting school for young actors and Daniel Day Lewis, Helen Mirren, Daniel Craig and tons of other successful actors have attended there – and I really hope I can join them. I’m also writing my second draft for my play and looking at young writer competitions and youth groups at theatres. All alongside my A Levels.

I am starting taking better care of myself, my education and my future because I know what I want and I am more than willing to work for it. So thank you so much, because without my experience with you all in LA I wouldn’t have such clarity and motivation to progress head first into the next stage of my life.

I wish you all the best for the future and I hope to see and hear from you again soon!