Jearnest Corchado

CGTV, Hope your ok! Thank you for everything that you have done for us. I have never imagined that I would come so far, and here I am. You have been like a light in my life. Since I was a little girl I have dreamt of becoming an actress in Hollywood, and today I can say that I’m in the correct path in order to make that happen, and all thanks to you. The program was amazing, everyone was SO TALENTED and the people you brought us to work with were awesome actors!! I feel like everyone there is my family starting with you. You are a wonderful person, and there are no words to express how grateful I am with you. You have been not just a teacher, but an angel in my life and I feel like if God has sent you to help me in what I’ve always ask him for. The showcase was AMAZIIIIIIIING!!!! I’m in PR, but some of the people of the program and me are planning to come in Pilot Season! So I hope to see you by then [?] :’) Thanks for bringing up all those agents and managers, I hope they’ve liked us [:)] Anyways, in conclusion thanks for the opportunities, for thinking in us, the kids and teenagers, and in our dreams; as you said you will be forever in my life; and if one day I have the luck of becoming big, that will be thanks to YOU. Someday I’ll tell you my story of how I knew about the audition of the program in PR., because thanks to that I understand today, that “what is for you, no matter what, will always be for you.”

Thanks and I’ll see you soon [?] love you both, CGTV and you!!!