Gina Treveloni

Dear CGTV,

I enjoyed every minute of the CGTV workshops. Having the chance to be taught by such great actors was one of the best experiences of my life. Since the program ended, I have been taking what I’ve learned and applying it to my comedic monologue and continue to work on it every day. I would love the chance to attend your summer program and continue learning new things and getting more opportunities in the industry. Acting was something that I thought I’d try after I was forced to end gymnastics due to injury and cannot even begin to explain how much I have fallen in love with it. Just like your story of mowing lawns to get gas money for auditions, I have been taking on and looking for babysitting jobs and any other ways to make money to help pay for the plane ticket in the hopes of being accepted. Before CGTV I used to dream about acting. Now I realize that dream has become a reality. I have headshots, am a member of, and auditioned for a casting director and agents. I am so thankful to have your CGTV program information packet and on-going support from your office to help me understand this business that I now feel a part of. I can only imagine what your summer program has to offer. I would really appreciate a spot in the summer program.

Thank you for your help and the time you’ve given me already.