Jackson Young & Kimberly Church

Thank you for this opportunity to let me meet and learn from celebrities and make lots of new friends.  It was really fun and exciting to work with you and your wife is nice too.  I was surprised that I got so many callbacks and already, I have received contact from a few of them since getting back home in Dallas.  Thank you for believing in me.  I think you were right when you wrote that lives would change.  My mom wants to type something below but I just want to say thank you so much for all you have given me.  I sent you a thank you “card” in the mail today.  I had fun making it and the people at the post office got a “kick” out of it.

Sincerely your friend,
Jackson Young

CGTV, CGTV and the super staff and instructors of CGTV,

What parent wouldn’t be skeptical…but I prayed about this program, and felt that God had guided us here for a number of reasons and all those reasons were met, and more.  I honestly think we received every single cent worth in all the guidance and training, not to mention Jackson getting to work with his favorite tv stars.  And nevermind that you are able to bring over 30 industry agents to one place for an audition.  If I was to meet with just 1 agent in CA or NY, I would have spent much more in flights and hotels…nevermind trying to get my foot in the door just to speak with the “right” person.  But there Jackson was this weekend, in front of 30 “right” people.  Phew…what a whirlwind experience and one that we will never forget.  I hope you will send us an email next time CGTV is in Dallas.  Already, 1 of Jackson’s friends wants to attend your next program and we will spread the good news about your program!  You have a true gift of teaching and patience, and have touched the lives of so many children.  You will always have friends in us; thank you for everything!  We will keep in touch with you on this journey.  God bless you and your family!  k. pura vida

Warm regards,
Kimberly Church (aka Jackson’s mom)