Trish DeRouen

Hey CGTV! Hope you’ve recovered from workshop!!!

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did for Myles. He learned so much and, as I said before, if was so fun to watch him transform during the time he was in LA. Please thank CGTV and Virgil for me as well. They were so great the three weeks we were there.

Now an update – This past weekend we went to New Orleans for a Regional Talent program. Had we not gone to your workshop program then we would not have had headshots and Resume (they told us to bring 2 pictures and that we wouldn’t be giving any to the agents). But I brought the headshots and resume’s anyway (thank goodness). Myles performed his monologue in front of 40 agents and managers, and over 1000 people. He nailed it! He didn’t appear nervous, he spoke loudly and with great articulation.

HE GOT 6 CALLBACKS!!! He could not have done this without all the time and training from you and your staff!!! He spoke with an agent from Atlanta, New Orleans, New York, and 3 from LA!!! You would have been so proud! I know I was and AM!!!

Thank you again! We are discussing coming out during pilot season and would love to come to the workshop at that time!!!

Hope everyone is well! Tell CGTV and Virgil hello!

Hope to see you soon – Trish DeRouen