I wanted to let you know how proud we are of Jaclyn.  Since she attended CGTV in February of 2011 in Providence, she was picked up by an agency in Boston and has gone on many auditions.  She was chosen for and extra part in the movie Moonrise Kingdom (she was a Tang Kid and a Refugee Kid) and her most recent was the attached link to a commercial for Ideapaint.

When she heard your commercial she begged me to take her to the audition.  That day she left with her eyes gleaming saying “Mommy, I know I did great.”  She was usually such a shy child and I couldn’t believe her enthusiasm.  So, when she got the call to come to the workshop she was ecstatic.  It was a big investment for an 8 yr old and after much research, we said ok.  What a difference it has made in her life so far.  She gained so much confidence and self esteem from the workshop it’s unbelievable.  Even her teacher said she couldn’t believe the difference a few weeks made.

She still talks about what she learned at workshop and often says “CGTV told us that……” and my favorite “If you’re on time….you’re late!” She enjoyed working with you, CGTV, Chester, Matthew, Cameron and Tanya and was so happy she got to say hello to you when you were here in October.  CGTV was a great investment for our child.  We would have never known her love for acting or a way to get her started.  I hope we can come to your Summer workshop next year.

Thanks again for the wonderful program you have put together.