Jai Saint, Chrome Talent Management

CGTV is the only place Chrome Talent Looks for our kids and teen talents.  I have gone to 5 of your workshops now, and each time I go I try to gather as many of the talents I can! The reason being, is your talents and their parents are ready to work. They are well versed in the knowledge of how to book jobs.  They are always prepared with their monologues, polite, and very considerate. Since Chrome Talent has been attending CGTV our kids and teen booking ratio is up 95% from before. Recently we have booked 8 kids from CGTV on a Universal Studios Commercial, 2 on a Snapper Commercial, 2 on a Brighthouse commercial, several film projects, just to name a few.  They are all constantly requested for auditions and callbacks! Chrome Talent could not be happier to work with CGTV and CGTV and I’m super excited to attend the next CGTV in January!

Jai Saint
Executive Director
Chrome Talent Management
Orlando, Florida