Catherine Pecararo

Dear CGTV and CGTV,

I really can not thank you enough for all you have done, as well as all that you do for the kids. It is truly amazing and It goes so far beyond teaching the kids about the business and how to act.

Last year, we had a meeting with Samantha’s school. They wanted to do months worth of tests and evaluations to see if she was “special needs” or had a learning disability because she was very apprehensive about speeking in front of people, “forgetful”, perfectionistic, etc. The tests showed that she was actually average to above average academically.They concluded that her problem was anxiety and depression and told me to find a counselor.

Your workshop has done what no counselor could have ever done. You really have given her a once in a lifetime opportunity and made her feel special, and accepted. She has confidence and enthusiasm that she has never had. Before, if she was told “no” or got something wrong, or was faced with a set back of any kind, it would kill her for days. She now bounces back instantly with so much understanding, maturity, and determination. She really is like a different kid!!!

I’m not sure if you have already decided on the kids going to summer workshop yet, but if you are still deciding could you please keep Sam in mind? I think it would be such a great learning opportunity and (despite all the hard work and long hours that I explained to her would be involved in the workshop) she is so excited about the possibility of being chosen.

Either way, I thank you CGTV and CGTV from the bottom of my heart!! When you guys do start a family, you are both going to be amazing parents!!!
God bless and hope to see you soon!!