Vanessa Cuomo

Dear CGTV,

When my daughter heard the ad on the radio my immediate reaction was to roll my eyes.  Being the cynical New Yorker that I am I was sure it was a scam.  But my daughter is a determined actress and we had nothing to do so we made the appointment and went.  The first thing that struck me was there was no sales pitch.  Why aren’t the trying to sell me on their program the way the John Roberts School did?  They didn’t even tell me what we were auditioning for exactly.  I now know why.  They didn’t want just anyone getting excited about the program, because it’s not just for anyone no matter how much money you have.  You have to have talent, intelligence, determination and drive.  This isn’t about making money this is about building dreams.  In my experience with CGTV, money seems to be a necessary evil to run a business as opposed to the driving factor.  I’ve spoken with many parents who were helped out by CGTV, myself included, because he believed in our children.  No one, I mean no one can guarantee your child will be on TV except the casting director who hires her for a show.  If that’s what you’re looking for then let me know when you find it.  What CGTV gives them is the tools to make their dreams possible. They learn how to prepare for an audition, what to expect and how to behave.  As a parent, you learn the business and how to navigate though it, including headshots, resumes, agents and managers.  The education is unbelievable and is all done by recognizable stars that have a genuine interest in your child and absolutely know the business.  The cherry on top is CGTV then puts your children in front of people that would normally be impossible to see.  The amount of success is incredible.  My daughter now has an agent which I didn’t even know how to go about before this.  Many of her friends not only have agents but have booked commercials and even the coveted TV show.

CGTV is not only great with children, knowledgeable, and a wonderful educator, he is an extraordinary human being.  He is genuinely loving and caring.  He is one of the best people I’ve ever met and I feel honored to know him.  Even if my daughter never does anything within the entertainment business, what we have learned makes it all (including the money)definitely worth it.  The best thing is even when workshop ends CGTV still helps us. He responds to emails same day, he’s always there for you.


Vanessa Cuomo (Julia’s mom – Miami)