Vickie Earle

Dear Tim, CGTV , and Chester ,

If I told you the ATL CGTV, was a huge success it would be an understatement. The 3 day workshop provided the talent an amazing opportunity from which to learn, grow, and refine their talent. It was amazing to see the change these kids made in 3 short days. The respect, teaching, and care you offer the students with this program truly transformed many of the participants. The results were visibly evident Sunday afternoon when you met with us, the parents. Not only at my house did I hear, “this is the best thing I’ve ever done, I’m learning so much, I don’t want to leave, I wish I could do this again,“… it was also the majority consensus among other parents, as we talked with one another ( as parents do), and the same sentiments were being echoed and displayed by their children.

Please let me know when you plan to come back to ATL for the follow-up auditions with the Casting Director, as Kelly Hooper is attending ACT classes in the ATL A.C.T. Satellite Program and not JRP. She can’t wait to attend another workshop with you and she is checking email daily to see if she has an invite to the Summer Workshop in LAX. On a side note, Kelly has made Chester a Valentine poster of he and Taylor Swift and is anxiously awaiting his musical response to Swift’s “ Whitehorse ”. Kelly is sending the poster to the CGTV, address in North Hollywood , listed on the website.

Thanks again for a great 3 day workshop. I wish each of you safe trips and continued success. We’re looking forward to future workshops including the newly announced workshops associated with America ’s National Teenager Organization.

Warmest Regards,

Vickie Earle


Thank you for an amazing experience this summer.   I can’t imagine topping this summer. We will miss each and everyone of you.
Best regards,



Hi CGTV, Tim, Phil, CGTV and the rest of the gang…

Thanks to all of you for giving Ashleigh and I a wonderful summer with ARYAC in LA. I know there must be a lot of hard work and organization that goes on behind the scenes to make this work As well, managing and giving your time to 52 kids of varying ages, day to day couldn’t be an easy task. Sort of like the 1 room school of old.  You are to be commended. Ashleigh has learned a lot about acting and picked up some life skills.  I have noticed her to be more composed with greater confidence and self esteem when speaking with adults. She seems pleased with how her scene went last night and it is nice to see her more at ease on stage. We were unsure of how our summer would turn out but it has exceeded our expectations.  We are grateful for the opportunity CGTV created for us to come. It became a summer not to be forgotten. Thanks for the memories and we hope to see you all again. We wish you all the best in your lives ahead.



Hello CGTV,

Savanna and I met you at JRP in B”ham Al. about a year ago with Chester See. We hope that you are doing well, all of you. Savanna is with an agent in Ga. at the present, but we wanted to share something with you. Although she was an extra, we recently had the pleasure of seeing her on the big screen. She was in the Tyler Perry’s newest movie, “I Can Do Bad All By Myself”. The look on her face made us so very happy,and proud for her.She is an amazing child! The movie was excellent! Funny, and heartwrenching at the same time! I know that she will always treasure meeting you, but mostly, what a kind and caring person you are. I’m sure you probably won’t remember her, after meeting so many people.(we sent her headshot to maybe jog your memory),but we will never forget you or what you taught her. Thank you so much! We wish you all the best!


Nancy B.

CGTV’s workshop rocks! James has grown so much in his acting craft. To his credit, he plays a classmate in The Most Astonishing News, a Japanese television show, where they dubbed all the lines in Japanese and a little league player in an episode of Parenthood, a new pilot, that was picked up by the network.  James has also been on an episode or two of Kids Unlimited and Say What!, a local kids T.V. show. Most recently he has done a PSA for Saving the Parks, a piece focused on Mt. Diablo State Park in the east bay.

I cannot say enough about CGTV and Tim who both make the kids feel welcome and bring out the best in all of them. We will definitely continue training with CGTV and company.

Nancy B.
(James’ mom)

Chelsea Brennan’s Mom

When Chelsea was invited to attend the CGTV R’Mante CGTV this past summer in LA, we were thrilled for the opportunity – but little did we know how great it would turn out!  The staff, instructors and coaches were absolutely first-rate, and watching all the kids learn and grow their skills – let alone the joy they had doing it – was great to watch.  Right from the beginning everyone was provided with the very best opportunities – amazing yet affordable professional headshots; numerous auditions with some of the best agents around ; ongoing skills development from actors, coaches and casting directors as well.  What more could we possibly have asked for?!

Well. there was more!  Besides all the hard work, there were plenty of fun times when parents and kids alike got together and just had a ball!  CGTV and staff recognized the need for everyone to ‘unwind’ from time to time, and we had fun!  All the kids were great and enjoyed themselves so much together – it was like one ig family by the time workshop came to a close.  What was the best though, was all the encouragement and support given from start to finish to any child who had a shot at an audition or other opportunity. The staff and CGTV himself would work and rehearse with the child so he or she could do their best and get what they were going after!

And that was just the extra boost that Chelsea needed.  During the workshop she had to fly to an program in Phoenix to participate in a national talent and modeling competition.  The program was four days of nonstop auditions, rehearsals and presentations to agents and managers from LA, New York and Florida.  The training and confidence from CGTV’s workshop gave her everything she needed to show her best self with confidence – and she came back the first-place winner of the toughest age division, even though she was the youngest!  Her grand prize made all the difference for us, and allowed us to continue on so she can pursue her passion for acting.  As if that weren’t enough, once we got back to workshop she also landed parts in a TV episode for the eHealth Network and in a short film called Sidewalk Symphony.  It was quite a first experience in LA and we are now getting prepared to return for pilot season – and hope this time we can stay a lot longer!

Thanks to absolutely everyone from the CGTV R’Mante CGTV!  We love you all, and look forward to many great years to come!

Marinee Temme
(Chelsea Brennan’s Mom)

Debbie Sampley

The Burger King run was a great experience and great working environment.  CGTV R’Mante CGTV was a big part of her focus on set and her respect to all involved!

… daughter can’t wait to come back in 2010!

Debbie Sampley

Samya LoBue

Tested for a lead character in a new series for Disney! My son Nick has taken two workshops with CGTV R’Mante. He has grown so much as an actor and that is due to the fabulous teaching of CGTV. CGTV really has a knack for understanding kids and helping them really be in touch with themselves. Nick has thoroughly enjoyed every minute of program!! I also wanted to acknowledge the man behind the scene, Tim Sharpe. He is really the unsung hero and I just wanted to say thank you for being so gracious and helpful to us.

Nick has gone out on some amazing auditions for lead roles in feature films since taking CGTV’s workshop.
He has grown so much as an actor and that is due to the fabulous teaching of CGTV. CGTV really has a knack for understanding kids and helping them really be in touch with themselves. Nick just booked the new Ron Howard project, “Parenthood” and a new MTV series and movie starring opposite David Duchovny, which shoots in New Mexico thanks to The CGTV!! Thanks CGTV and celebrities for EVERYTHING!!

– Samya LoBue

Terra & Justin Howell


I hope you are doing well!  It sounds like you have been pretty darn busy since the workshop has been over.  Congrats on your latest movie!  You’ll have to share the title when you’re allowed to.  When does Underground come out?  I know it’s soon.  I keep looking for a commercial, even though I’m probably too much of a chicken to watch a lot of it with my eyes open!  It looks scary!)

It’s so odd to be back home after spending so much time in L.A. this summer.  We ended up staying until September 3rd.  What a fun summer it was.  We can’t wait to come back for pilot season!!!!!

I just wanted to share what is going on with Justin.  After we got home, I sent out the letters and headshots to the Seattle agents that you had sent out to us.  We have interviewed with two so far and have another interview at the end of the month.  I am so impressed with Colleen Bell Modeling and Talent.  Colleen submitted him for an audition upon receipt of his headshot.  This is what she sent me:

Dear Justin  (and mom –

I received your headshot in the mail and am MORE than interested in talking to you about representation with the Bell Agency in Seattle.  Your resume is impressive and your look is darling

Your headshot came in at perfect timing.  One of our largest casting directors in Seattle is having an audition on Monday 9/27 for a Commercial – I scanned the picture and sent it over to them because they had asked for a 10 yr old boy – and I knew she would love your look

They would like to have you audition for it on Monday if you are avail.

We would only represent you for this job if you choose to audition but would LOVE TO HAVE YOU COME IN TO OPEN CALL in the near future.  You can get all details to our open call on our website click on Open Call tab. 

Please let me know if you are interested and I will send all the details to you at that time.  Here are the basics.

Jewelers – TV spot
Non Union
Audition Monday 9/27
Call back 9/29
Shoot Oct 4-7 (one day per talent) 
Pay 1000.00 minus comm childrens rate
2 year usages during holidays


He didn’t book the job, but it was so exciting to go on an audition so quickly upon arriving back home – especially in Seattle!  She is also trying to submit him for an ongoing modeling job (1-3 times per month).  We are planning to sign with her.  We met with them last week and they offered Justin representation.  She has the passion and enthusiasm that you described as what to look for in an agent.  They also seem top notch.  I thought you’d want to know….

We are also heading to L.A. for a quick trip on Thursday this week.  Carla booked a movie audition for Justin so we are flying down for the day.  We’ll keep plugging away at this, it’s only a matter of time…..

See you in a few months!  Hello to CGTV as well)  We miss you guys!

~Terra & Justin Howell

Robert Willard


I wanted to share with you about the extremely positive impact your workshop has had on my family’s life. When my son, Brooklyn, was invited to join I had no idea what to expect. My wife and I were just parents who wanted to support the dream of our child and knew little about the industry or how to make the best path for our son. We had tried submitting him to an agent here or there before, but never had any response.

Brooklyn is such a high energy young child that I feared he would not be able to pay attention long enough to really benefit from each of the workshops offered. My wife and I are truly appreciative to have been able to sit in and take notes for our son since he could not do so himself. It was amazing to see the rapid growth of not only our son, but also every child that was a part of the workshop. It became very clear that this was the place for our son to learn about his passion and upgrading to level 4 was an obvious choice.

After submitting Brooklyn to the agents on your list the way you instructed, the amount of agents who contacted us about Brooklyn was surprising and the numbers are still rising! He now has multiple legitimate agents that didn’t charge him anything upfront and is auditioning for commercials and print work regularly. Then something else incredible happened, I used the same tips you gave out at the workshop and went on a few auditions of my own. I ended up booking several roles in independent movies and I have recently been casted for another!

My son and I are proof that what you are doing works! I know in my heart that your workshop will continue to grow and offer great opportunities for those who are passionate about their art! You have created a beautiful program and I am truly thankful for all the hard work you and your staff put forth.

Robert Willard