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What are the Biggest Challenges Facing Young Talent?

In our line of work, it is clear that the old saying “Good things come in small packages” really is true. Talent is something that knows no age; whether it’s in a stunning voice or in exceptionally authentic acting skill, we at CGTV see countless young performers that take our breath away on a daily basis. When something special comes along, we do whatever it takes to make sure the gifts of a young performer are recognized on a grand scale and to a wider audience.

Unfortunately, no matter how much talent a young performer may possess, that doesn’t always guarantee success in this competitive industry. There may be days that any actor faces where it is easy to get discouraged about show business, questioning if it’s time to move on and consider another path. But if you understand some of the difficulties of the industry, it will make it easier for to prepare for them, persevere, and keep your talent alive. Here are some of the biggest challenges that are facing young actors today:

Not Getting Cast

There is nothing so disappointing as putting your heart and soul into an audition, strongly believing that you are perfect for the part, only to discover that you didn’t get the role. This is perhaps the biggest challenge young, talented performers often encounter in our business. The Odyssey recommends that if you are in this situation, to never forget the fact that you ARE talented, and that the time and resources you are spending to perfect your talent are not being wasted. Keep on auditioning and don’t change who you are; the right part will come along the more you work at it!

You Got a Different Role Than you Wanted

Another challenge performers face today is getting cast in their desired production (yay!) but not getting cast in the role they auditioned for. How to you truly invest yourself in a part you never fully envisioned for yourself? The Odyssey acknowledges that yes, this is a tough pill to swallow. But at least you are being seen, and at least the part you were given is another opportunity to improve. This is also a way for you to be made known to industry insiders, who do have the authority to cast you in more parts in the future.

You Forget to Work on Yourself

Having talent in a business like this is only half of the equation. Backstage states that being a good person and being modest and humble about your extraordinary accomplishments could mean all the difference between getting a part and not getting a part. Casting directors and producers want to see that you are a person that is a pleasure to be around, especially if your presence is required for extensive rehearsals and shoots. Be sure to always treat your fellow performers and crew members with the utmost respect.

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I just wanted to let you know how Isabel is doing and what she is up to. She just auditioned for a small independent film and was chosen as the young version of the main character. She did the audition on her own, she did not want me in the room. There was two people auditioning her and a guy with a huge camera circling her as she did her monologue. She impressed them with how professional she was. Here is a portion of the email they sent us:


I wanted you to know that I personally was very impressed with Isabel, as well as both Dale and Jesse. She is quite professional when auditioning and knows her stuff, so to say. Dale had asked her to begin her monologue in the middle and although she stumbled a bit, it did not unnerve her at all and she kept her composure which is very impressive. I work on many different kinds of sets since my daughter is an actress and model and has been in the business for many years. We look forward to working with Isabel and will email you shortly with all the neccesary information.

CGTV, I will say it was your work with her and her getting more comfortable with the audition process that has helped her. She does all the pointer you gave her every time she auditions. She is getting to be a pro at theater auditions but this was her first for a film and with a camera. Good thing she practiced at your program for this.

She also is in a black box theater program for the summer and auditioned for a solo. She scored three and got the most speaking parts because she has an outgoing personailty. At least that is what they told us.

Thank again for all you help.

Kathy Simmons