Natalie Ramos

Natalie Ramos

Hi Adrian, this is Natalie Ramos from Naples, Florida. I just wanted to send you quick email so say that I’m thankful for everything that you’ve done for me. Without you, I wouldn’t have met my amazing agent, Karen Greer❤️ I’ve been working hard with my acting and singing coaches! Im on casting network and actors access. Big news!! This Friday I’m getting a chance to audition for high school musical 4 in Orlando !! I’m beyond excited! I just want to say thank you for helping me in California and then helping me find a great agent!! I hope You and Your  family are doing great! Send lots of love to your baby girl and the new baby that is coming on the way! Talk to you soon, love Nat


TJ Norfus

TJ Norfus starring in KFC commercial!




Hi Adrian-

TJ doesn’t like cheese at all (except for mozzarella on pizza) and he booked a commercial for Jarslberg cheese that shot on Friday. Theo used to tease him and say “what if you get a commercial and have to eat cheese.” You truly never know what will happen!

And, as it turns out, he had to eat the cheese!!! But, he did great. No complaints. All smiles. They finished his scene in less than hour (we waited longer than he worked). The director – who’s worked on movies like Jurassic Park – was very complimentary of TJ. He said “I knew he was a natural as soon as we started” and “he really knows his stuff.”

Proud of this kid….hope all is well on your end.