Film Trends to Watch for in 2018

With every new calendar year comes a new set of trends to follow and pay attention to. What do interior designers recommend for kitchen wall colors? Are suede and velvet really here to stay in the world of fashion? Which fad diet will have lasting results on my personal health goals?

Yes, trends are everywhere and in every market, and they seem to change and an alarmingly fast rate. But one industry where you may not immediately assume where trends are king is the film industry. But once you think about it, it really makes sense, doesn’t it? Movies are often released in a timely manner to ensure that they will have a profound impact on the culture we live in. They must speak to the issues that we currently dealing with in our modern world by telling a powerful story that sticks with us. Think of the society we are living in now and some of the movies that are being released in theaters today—do you think in general, they are relevant to the issues we are facing in 2018?

Here are a few film trends to keep an eye out for as you visit your local movie theater in 2018:

Inspirational Real-Life StoriesTrends

While very few movies were based on real-life characters in 1996, just twenty years later, according to film data and education expert Stephen Follows, about 27% of films today feature real-life inspirations. The reason for this increase is not only because people today are looking for every-day heroes, but, from a financial standpoint, biographical pictures are often much cheaper to produce.

These real-life stories can come in the form of a biographical movie or even a documentary. In recent years, although not necessarily a huge profit-maker, documentaries are given mainstream releases much more often.

Scary Movies will be King

In 2016, 1,028 horror movies were produced-that’s twice the number that were produced just 10 years earlier in 2006.  Not only is it a popular film genre or many audiences, but horror movies are produced so frequently because of improved technologies in the film industry, and the genre has lost some of its past stigma.

Films with a Religious Message

People often seek comfort and solace when going to the movies—while the movies are an escape from the stresses of real life, so is religion. That’s why you may be seeing more films released with a spiritual theme this year. While they may not immediately guarantee financial success in the box office, these movies often have huge success once they are available to stream or on DVD.

Film industry trends speak to the world that we live in and the problems people currently face. It’s no coincidence that the films that have a special impact on us are relevant to the issues we daily struggle with. And that truth is a trend that is not going away. For more insight into the film industry and popular trends in movies today,  CGTV—we’d love to hear from you and discuss this with you more. Contact us today at 818-284-6689 or email


Acting Talent

Nurturing Your Acting Talent

They say repetition is the mother of perfection.  In other words, the more often you do something or partake in an activity, the better you will become at said activity. Acting is no different than sports or music – practice is key to the development of any skill. Although some people are born with a “gift,” most great actors and actresses are made through discipline and love of their craft. Here are a few more suggestions as to how you can nurture your acting talent and grow as a believable actor or actress.

Acting Talent

Expand Your Horizons

As an actor or actress, you have to be able to experience things from multiple viewpoints. The best way to do so, is to get out and start experiencing as much as you can. Go out and have some fun! Travel when possible. Fall in love. Get a hobby. Remove yourself from the world of casting directors and agents and live like a “civilian” for at least a little while each day. Live your life so when you do book an acting job, you’re able to breathe some of that “life” into your work.

Look & Listen

Although acting is an internal process, it does require a fair amount of observation. Paying attention to human behavior is paramount in being able to act believably. Make “people watching” your research – how they react to different situations, the subtleties in their expressions based on emotions, etc. What separates the “good” from the “great” are these little idiosyncrasies peppered into performances that can only come from observing real-life situations transpire.

Watch & Rewind

Learn from the best with this fun exercise. Put on a movie and closely watch the actors. If you see a scene that truly moves you or resonates with you – rewind it and re-watch. What about their performance is remarkable? What is resonating with you? Next, take note of how they use whatever props are available to them in the scene. Do the props aid in their performance? Remember, learning how to deliver a great performance while also believably playing in a make believe environment takes great skill.

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