Jonathan Goldstein

Jonathan Goldstein

Jonathan GoldsteinJonathan Goldstein is best known as Walter the goofy but lovable dad on the hit Nickelodeon show Drake & Josh which has won two Kid’s Choice Awards as favorite TV show. Jonathan has been working in the entertainment industry for the past 20 years. He has recently appeared in recurring roles on The Starter Wife (USA Network) and The Riches (FX). He has also appeared in:

  • CSI: NY
  • Criminal Minds
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Private Practice
  • Heroes
  • The 11th Hour
  • Party Down
  • Californication
  • The West Wing
  • Without a Trace
  • The Handler
  • Windfall
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Leah Liang Lewis

Leah Liang Lewis took CGTV and applied what she learned in the program and booked several jobs while in CSE. One was with Disney Channel and the other was a PSA commercial for energy conservation. The funny thing was for the energy conservation, they needed a Caucasian girl and Leah is Chinese. They were so impressed with Leah that they created a role for her and hired her for several days of work. Please check out the latest news on Leah Lewis by clicking the link below which is exciting and a big thanks to CGTV.

Leah Lewis and Luke Benward have landed the lead roles in Disney’s new pilot Madison High, a show with a special connection to the High School Musical series!

The show will feature HSM’s beloved Ms. Darbus (Alyson Reed), who will transfer from East to Madison High to build a revolutionary theatre program. She casts a diverse troupe of both seasoned and raw actors to create an original musical production based on their lives.

Luke, 15, will play Devin Daniels, a motocross racer looking for a new hobby and Leah, 14, will be playing Peyton Hall, a formerly home-schooled tennis champion.

Leah also stars in the movie program Fred as the character Spoon for Nickelodeon.

Cameron Goodman

Cameron Goodman

Cameron GoodmanIn 2010, Cameron Goodman took lead roles in Disney Channel’s Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure, Phineas and Ferb, as well as SyFy’s original series The Phantom. A series regular on MTV’s Disaster Date, Stars!’ original non-scripted comedy Head Case, and MTV’s Wild N’ Out. Cameron began studying improv in high school in Washington, D.C. She can also be seen on Disney Channel’s Phineas and Ferb and The Suite Life of Zach and Cody, as well as ABC’s The Forgotten, TNT’s The Closer, A&E’s The Cleaner, AMC’s Mad Men, CBS’s Cold Case, CSI NY, and NCIS, ABC’s Son’s and Daughters and FX’s Sons of Anarchy.

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I just wanted to let you know how Isabel is doing and what she is up to. She just auditioned for a small independent film and was chosen as the young version of the main character. She did the audition on her own, she did not want me in the room. There was two people auditioning her and a guy with a huge camera circling her as she did her monologue. She impressed them with how professional she was. Here is a portion of the email they sent us:


I wanted you to know that I personally was very impressed with Isabel, as well as both Dale and Jesse. She is quite professional when auditioning and knows her stuff, so to say. Dale had asked her to begin her monologue in the middle and although she stumbled a bit, it did not unnerve her at all and she kept her composure which is very impressive. I work on many different kinds of sets since my daughter is an actress and model and has been in the business for many years. We look forward to working with Isabel and will email you shortly with all the neccesary information.

CGTV, I will say it was your work with her and her getting more comfortable with the audition process that has helped her. She does all the pointer you gave her every time she auditions. She is getting to be a pro at theater auditions but this was her first for a film and with a camera. Good thing she practiced at your program for this.

She also is in a black box theater program for the summer and auditioned for a solo. She scored three and got the most speaking parts because she has an outgoing personailty. At least that is what they told us.

Thank again for all you help.

Kathy Simmons


Hi CGTV. We just wanted you to know that Livia went for her first job yesterday….modeling! She will be on the box/package of a new Hasbro toy named “Friendship Pets” coming out soon. I watched her communicate with all the staff before and after the shoot and she totally rocked it. Thank you so much for teaching her this very important aspect of “selling oneself”. They told me that they will definitely use her again as she was so professional and a natural, and they couldn’t believe it was actually her very first job modeling. Take care and God bless!


Daniel Curtis Lee

Daniel Curtis Lee

Daniel Curtis LeeDaniel Curtis Lee is best known in Nickelodeon’s Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, in which he played the nerdy Simon Nelson-Cook, known as “Cookie” or “P Cookie”. Lee has also appeared in other television shows such as First Monday and The Shield, and motion pictures such as Friday After Next. He recently starred in Zeke & Luther as Kojo.

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CGTV, so Louis is on this new Nickelodeon TV show set. They start shooting in earnest on February 4. Up to now they have only done taped rehearsals. He’s learning so much, but has commented on how well prepared he was for this because of you and the camp. I have given your name out to several people as well for your camps.

Today, he is on set for another SAG national commercial for AT&T (crazy!) that he booked at the same time as the show, here in Miami.

Nickelodeon will let us know when you can release the fact that Louis is on the show for any promo or whatever you want to do on your site. (If you want to.) So I will let you know!

Just wanted to thank you again for all of your great teaching!

Hi CGTV, just letting you know that I am heading to New York City tomorrow. After doing 3 students films, 5 national commercials and a webseries, I have now also signed with a manager. Tomorrow I have an audition in NYC and I’m meeting with the first of three agencies (meeting with one each day from Monday thru Wednesday). My manager would like to get me into TV and film.

I just wanted to thank you for everything you taught me. Wish me luck and I will let you know how it goes!

– Louis Tomeo, age 10

Geno Segers

Geno Segers

Geno SegersPossessing a naturally rich bass quality, Geno Segers’ voice gained him enough attention to attract an agent’s ear. This led to Segers being cast in the role of Mufasa in the an Australian stage production of The Lion King. With an intimidating voice and appearance, Geno is best known and identified with the comedic series Pair of Kinds, aired on the Disney Channel. On the series, Geno plays the role of Mason Makoola, the fearson father of Mikayla Makoola (played by Kelsey Chow).

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I hope you and CGTV are doing well. We miss you guys and LA. Indy has been nice this winter so winter has gone fast. Super Bowl excitement mid winter made it more interesting. I just wanted to share Ciarra got the lead role as Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker at Indiana Reportory Theatre. It’s her 2nd paid job since LA. She will be working with director David Bradley out of Philidelphia. We are so thankful for all your help, that enabled Ciarra to book such a great role.


The Krohne Family


Thank you CGTV,

You were the best acting coach ever .If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am currently shooting a movie entitled “The Killer in the Mirror”. When I shot my first scene I forgot my lines. I was very sad because of an incident that happened some hours before I shot. I remembered to improvise. Finally we were finished with that exhausting scene. A couple of days later I was surprised to receive a call from you. CGTV, You gave me words of encouragement. This showed me that you truly care about all of your future celebrity actors and actresses. I love you for that, and once again thank you CGTV.

Ju’Cole from Jacksonville FL