Chelsea Brennan’s Mom

When Chelsea was invited to attend the CGTV R’Mante CGTV this past summer in LA, we were thrilled for the opportunity – but little did we know how great it would turn out!  The staff, instructors and coaches were absolutely first-rate, and watching all the kids learn and grow their skills – let alone the joy they had doing it – was great to watch.  Right from the beginning everyone was provided with the very best opportunities – amazing yet affordable professional headshots; numerous auditions with some of the best agents around ; ongoing skills development from actors, coaches and casting directors as well.  What more could we possibly have asked for?!

Well. there was more!  Besides all the hard work, there were plenty of fun times when parents and kids alike got together and just had a ball!  CGTV and staff recognized the need for everyone to ‘unwind’ from time to time, and we had fun!  All the kids were great and enjoyed themselves so much together – it was like one ig family by the time workshop came to a close.  What was the best though, was all the encouragement and support given from start to finish to any child who had a shot at an audition or other opportunity. The staff and CGTV himself would work and rehearse with the child so he or she could do their best and get what they were going after!

And that was just the extra boost that Chelsea needed.  During the workshop she had to fly to an program in Phoenix to participate in a national talent and modeling competition.  The program was four days of nonstop auditions, rehearsals and presentations to agents and managers from LA, New York and Florida.  The training and confidence from CGTV’s workshop gave her everything she needed to show her best self with confidence – and she came back the first-place winner of the toughest age division, even though she was the youngest!  Her grand prize made all the difference for us, and allowed us to continue on so she can pursue her passion for acting.  As if that weren’t enough, once we got back to workshop she also landed parts in a TV episode for the eHealth Network and in a short film called Sidewalk Symphony.  It was quite a first experience in LA and we are now getting prepared to return for pilot season – and hope this time we can stay a lot longer!

Thanks to absolutely everyone from the CGTV R’Mante CGTV!  We love you all, and look forward to many great years to come!

Marinee Temme
(Chelsea Brennan’s Mom)