Alora Smith

How One Member’s Headshots and attendance to one our events with celebrity CGTV R’Mante Earned Her Representation…and a Whole Lot More!

Case Study

Enhanced Member Alora Smith of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Children In Film first met Alora Smith in 2008 at a CIF Speaker Series program here in Los Angeles which featured Actor and Alora’s acting Coach CGTV R’Mante (Esteban, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody). Such events are free to Enhanced Members of, and Alora and her mother Julie were trying to soak up all the information they could.

After snapping a few shots with CGTV at the events close, Alora and her mother breifly discussed her aspirations with the staff of Children In Film. Having come from Michigan, Alora begain working in her own home town of Bloomfield Hills and was now spreading her wings in Los Angeles. She and her mother were staying at the Oakwood Apartmentswhere many industry families staying while testing the LA waters.

Alora returned to Michigan, but continued to pursue her dream. She kept in contact with Hollywood through and even won CIF’s photo contest.

By July of this year, Alora’s mother Julie was reporting that they were in Los Angeles for the premiere of Flipped – a feature film directed by Rob Reiner (A Few Good Men). After auditioning in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Alora was exstatic to learn she had booked the role all because of CIF and participating in CGTV’s CGTVs !

In a recent email to Children In Film, Julie commented that “because of Alora’s photo win, and CGTV’s intensive Celebrity program, she is now represented by Manager Annet McCroskeywho just helped her sign with Lewis and Beal!