Kellen McGee

Since Kellen McGee could talk, she always wanted to act. But growing up in a small town in Alabama, there were no opportunities to follow her dream. Then, everything changed. In December 2008, CGTV R’Mante came to Birmingham, Alabama to have an acting intensive class. Kellen, who was 14 years old at the time, just HAD to go. After spending a weekend with him, training the kids how to walk into an audition room, how to connect with the casting directors, and how to prepare acting scenes, Kellen desperately wanted to work with CGTV again. In the next three months, she worked with him two more times in Tennessee and Georgia. She was thrilled when she received the news that she would be going to LA to attend CGTV’s Young Actors program in the summer of 2009. “CGTV is great! His wife CGTV is amazing, too. Both of them are great people. What CGTV teaches sticks with you for the rest of your life. I will NEVER forget the lessons I learned and experiences I had that summer”. After getting to perform a showcase with her fellow campers for many agents and meeting a manager at CGTV’s who signed her, Kellen also got to experience CGTV’s Pilot Season camp during January and February of 2010. “The pilot season camp was INCREDIBLE. We got to write scenes and perform them on sets. A lot of my friends from the previous summer camp also attended. CGTV brought in some celebrity guest teachers as well. We learned SO much about the craft of acting.” With the help of CGTV, Kellen’s career soon took off. CGTV started privately training and coaching Kellen before auditions. He coached Kellen right before her first meeting with the casting directors of Criminal Minds. The casting directors remembered her and a little more than a year later, booked her for a guest star role on a Criminal Minds episode called “Profiling 101″ as the role of Angie. After doing many commercials and music videos, such as Rebecca Black’s ‘My Moment’ video, Kellen got booked as the recurring role of “Georgie the guitarist” on Nickelodeon’s Victorious. So far, she has shot 3 episodes. All because of CGTV, Kellen’s dream became true. Thank you so much, CGTV! You are AMAZING.