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Celebrating the Silver Screen Debut of a CGTV Graduate

At CGTV, one of our greatest thrills it to see former students live out their acting passions. With that thought in mind, we are excited to announce that CGTV graduate, Jackson Robert Scott, is part of the cast of the September 8th release of It.

About Jackson

Jackson started his acting career at the young age of five when he began the CGTV program. His training allowed him to work with other successful child actors from the likes of Nickelodeon and Disney. He also got personal training from Adrian, the founder of CGTV.CGTV graduate

Breakout Roles

After his training at CGTV, Jackson was discovered by a top LA agency where he began auditioning for a variety of commercial, television and film projects. His breakout credits include television commercials for K Jewelers as an episode of Criminals Minds.

In his role on the fourth episode of Criminal Minds, season 11, Jackson played Cole Vasquez who is kidnapped by the episode’s anti-hero, William Duke Mason. The show first aired on October 21, 2015.  

Silver Screen Debut

In addition to his small screen successes, he has also made his way to the silver screen in the remake adaptation of Stephen King’s: It. In the “creepy clown” horror movie, Jackson plays Georgie who is the younger brother of the film’s main character, Bill. The show will make its theater debut on Friday, September 8, 2017.

If the trailer views of this thriller are any indication, it should be a box office hit. According to Variety, the It trailer set a record for most online views in a single day, with 197 million views in just 24 hours and 246 views 36 hours after its release.

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Jackson Robert Scott

Jackson Robert Scott Hits Prime Time TV

Finding a breakout role as an actor takes persistence. We know just how many hours of training, practice, marketing, and auditioning go into getting that casting call. That’s why, here at CGTV, we love to spotlight our graduates’ success stories. This month, we highlight a very talented rising star and CGTV graduate, Jackson Robert Scott.

How did Jackson Get His Start?

Jackson attended CGTV program from the age of 5 learning the craft of acting. He worked with actors from Nickleodeon and Disney as well as Adrian, the founder of CGTV. His favorite class was Improvizational Workshop.

It was a beneficial program and a start and foundation of his love for acting. It was such a positive experience for Jackson that he fell in love with acting and decided to make it his focus activity.

He was discovered by a top agency and manager from Los Angeles. The opportunities that he was given were amazing. He was able to audition for a multitude of projects on TV and film. His first project was a commercial for K Jewelers, followed by an episode of Criminal Minds, and Stephen King’s It remake where he will be playing the role of Georgie. Despite the fact that it is a horror film he had a great and positive experience on the set. Jackson really enjoyed being a part of this projectJackson Robert Scott. It was a team effort and he loved being a part of a team that created something exciting and special for everyone to enjoy when the film comes out in the theaters.

The tools that he has acquired during his time with CGTV and working on set will be useful in any career path that he decides to follow in the future.

Breakout Role: Criminal Minds

Jackson Robert Scott got his breakout role in 2015 on Criminal Minds, a prime time American TV series. Criminal Minds is a fast-paced crime drama about an elite squad of FBI agents who try to outsmart some of the nation’s most dangerous criminals before their next move. Scott was cast on Season 11’s fourth episode, Outlaw, as Cole Vasquez. The episode aired on October 21, 2015.     

What is Jackson Robert Scott up to now?

Scott has been keeping busy in Hollywood! This past year, he was cast in the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s famous horror novel, It. Many know the story It as the original terrifying “clown” tale. Scott plays the role of Georgie, the younger brother of the story’s main character, who is the touchstone and starting point of the whole plot. It is now in post-production, and is scheduled to come out this upcoming year, in 2017. We will be watching for Jackson Robert Scott as soon as it hits the theaters!  

By all accounts, this is an up-and-coming young actor to watch! Stay tuned: We’re sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of Jackson Robert Scott in the future!

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