You know what’s really cool? I just had a moment. LIKE A REAL emotional moment. It really struck me how everything happens for a reason. Fate is SO overwhelming. I was thinking how lucky I was to take a chance and stumble accross your camp. I WAS SO LUCKY to experience what I did this last summer. And now I am taking it to the next level. I am currently CAST in an independent FILM. I am also working on attending a University (currently at comm college) by next fall or spring. I am so overwhelmed at how lucky I got- with everything. And I say lucky because I don’t believe I deserve this life. I don’t think I worked HARD ENOUGH for my life. What have I done to be so lucky- to fall head over heals for the performing arts? It’s like “how dare I” you know? How dare my life be great when so many others have it worse? What about the kids who never had an outlet like theatre and live in shambles? It’s hard for me to accept my fortunes but it’s not hard for me to appreciate those who helped me along the way. Thank you so much CGTV. Thank you for being real and truthful with me. Thank you for being a great teacher. You ARE someone who deserves the best. If you’re human, and I know you are, you have doubts. I want to remind you to keep going strong. When I think of camp and how you and CGTV personally helped me, it makes me feel SO greatful. Wishing you the best of luck this year.

PS Hug CGTV for me.





Just wanted to say hi and see how u and the wife are doing.

Also wanted to let you know that Mackayla landed a modeling job for Family Dollar. Her shoot was this past Tuesday and she said right away…”dad, CGTV would be proud of me right now”




CGTV! Guess what?? My agent just called me and told me I have my 4th callback for a new pilot show!!

Just thought I should let you know! Since I wouldn’t have ever made it this far, if it wasn’t for you!!



Hi all,

I just had to let you all know that Justin booked his first job today! He went on his second audition since we signed with an agent here in Seattle yesterday. It is for a T-Mobile video that will be shown in their stores and also on their You Tube site. We are soooo excited! Thank you to all of you for your excellent training, advice, support, wisdom, and encouragement. You should have seen the happy dances and tears flowing in this household a few minutes ago. This is amazing and so very exciting. I never would have believed that we would be doing this six months ago! We can’t wait to see you all in a few months at pilot camp!

Terra Howell

Alora Smith

How One Member’s Headshots and attendance to one our events with celebrity CGTV R’Mante Earned Her Representation…and a Whole Lot More!

Case Study

Enhanced Member Alora Smith of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Children In Film first met Alora Smith in 2008 at a CIF Speaker Series program here in Los Angeles which featured Actor and Alora’s acting Coach CGTV R’Mante (Esteban, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody). Such events are free to Enhanced Members of, and Alora and her mother Julie were trying to soak up all the information they could.

After snapping a few shots with CGTV at the events close, Alora and her mother breifly discussed her aspirations with the staff of Children In Film. Having come from Michigan, Alora begain working in her own home town of Bloomfield Hills and was now spreading her wings in Los Angeles. She and her mother were staying at the Oakwood Apartmentswhere many industry families staying while testing the LA waters.

Alora returned to Michigan, but continued to pursue her dream. She kept in contact with Hollywood through and even won CIF’s photo contest.

By July of this year, Alora’s mother Julie was reporting that they were in Los Angeles for the premiere of Flipped – a feature film directed by Rob Reiner (A Few Good Men). After auditioning in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Alora was exstatic to learn she had booked the role all because of CIF and participating in CGTV’s CGTVs !

In a recent email to Children In Film, Julie commented that “because of Alora’s photo win, and CGTV’s intensive Celebrity program, she is now represented by Manager Annet McCroskeywho just helped her sign with Lewis and Beal!


Her First Gig!

We just wanted to share with you that Riley got her first gig! She will be in a photo shoot for a catalog this Friday! She is super excited! She also went on an audition last week, and although she didn’t get the part, she was called back for a 2nd look. She is super excited! Thanks for all you did to prepare her for these opportunities!


Tested for a lead character in a new series for Disney! My son Nick has taken two workshops with CGTV R’Mante. He has grown so much as an actor and that is due to the fabulous teaching of CGTV. CGTV really has a knack for understanding kids and helping them really be in touch with themselves. Nick has thoroughly enjoyed every minute of class!! I also wanted to acknowledge the man behind the scene, Tim Sharpe. He is really the unsung hero and I just wanted to say thank you for being so gracious and helpful to us.



I wanted to share with you about the extremely positive impact your camp has had on my family’s life. When my son, Brooklyn, was invited to join I had no idea what to expect. My wife and I were just parents who wanted to support the dream of our child and knew little about the industry or how to make the best path for our son. We had tried submitting him to an agent here or there before, but never had any response.

Brooklyn is such a high energy young child that I feared he would not be able to pay attention long enough to really benefit from each of the workshops offered. My wife and I are truly appreciative to have been able to sit in and take notes for our son since he could not do so himself. It was amazing to see the rapid growth of not only our son, but also every child that was a part of the camp. It became very clear that this was the place for our son to learn about his passion and upgrading to level 4 was an obvious choice.

After submitting Brooklyn to the agents on your list the way you instructed, the amount of agents who contacted us about Brooklyn was surprising and the numbers are still rising! He now has multiple legitimate agents that didn’t charge him anything upfront and is auditioning for commercials and print work regularly. Then something else incredible happened, I used the same tips you gave out at the camp and went on a few auditions of my own. I ended up booking several roles in independent movies and I have recently been casted for another!

My son and I are proof that what you are doing works! I know in my heart that your camp will continue to grow and offer great opportunities for those who are passionate about their art! You have created a beautiful program and I am truly thankful for all the hard work you and your staff put forth.


Robert Willard