CGTV, so Louis is on this new Nickelodeon TV show set. They start shooting in earnest on February 4. Up to now they have only done taped rehearsals. He’s learning so much, but has commented on how well prepared he was for this because of you and the camp. I have given your name out to several people as well for your camps.

Today, he is on set for another SAG national commercial for AT&T (crazy!) that he booked at the same time as the show, here in Miami.

Nickelodeon will let us know when you can release the fact that Louis is on the show for any promo or whatever you want to do on your site. (If you want to.) So I will let you know!

Just wanted to thank you again for all of your great teaching!

Hi CGTV, just letting you know that I am heading to New York City tomorrow. After doing 3 students films, 5 national commercials and a webseries, I have now also signed with a manager. Tomorrow I have an audition in NYC and I’m meeting with the first of three agencies (meeting with one each day from Monday thru Wednesday). My manager would like to get me into TV and film.

I just wanted to thank you for everything you taught me. Wish me luck and I will let you know how it goes!

– Louis Tomeo, age 10



I hope you and CGTV are doing well. We miss you guys and LA. Indy has been nice this winter so winter has gone fast. Super Bowl excitement mid winter made it more interesting. I just wanted to share Ciarra got the lead role as Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker at Indiana Reportory Theatre. It’s her 2nd paid job since LA. She will be working with director David Bradley out of Philidelphia. We are so thankful for all your help, that enabled Ciarra to book such a great role.


The Krohne Family


It all started as a training exercise for Brittany to gain experience in front of judges as she prepared for dance competition season. The joke was on me when Phil Lewis requested to see me about Brittany’s raw talent, it floored me. Someone, at last, saw what I still witness every day with her- lights, camera, and action. It became even MORE real when CGTV came along- a celebrity with an ordinary, humble demeanor. The man to help make my little girl’s come true, what a heavy weight to WANT to take on! He is committed to share his knowledge and experiences unselfishly for others to be successful, to dream big. Thank you for your unconditional support, CSE changed Brittany’s life and gives me the peace of mind she is great hands.

Jenny K. Pena

The first time I saw CGTV, I was a petite 10 year old sitting on a chair trying to catch mere glimpses of what appeared to be a tall, tanned man in a leather jacket. CGTV was quite a character- very animated, precise, and with a warming smile that could be seen across mountains (or in my case, across the room.) The first day of CGTV was indescribable- kids awaiting CGTV’s arrival. CGTV graciously approached and gathered us in a conference room. Then, the doors opened and as CGTV walked in, a hush came over the room as everyone’s eyes fell on the “man behind the magic.”

CGTV has an incredible way of teaching. For me, I was able to connect with him and to understand concepts and techniques on a higher or more in depth level. CGTV not only taught me but also molded my concept of acting into something so much more. Acting isn’t pretending to be something you are not; it is turning a character, presenting it, making it your own, and telling a story. It’s comprehending what you didn’t understand before and growing as a person. It is said “Practice Makes Perfect” but understanding what you are doing plays an even bigger role in an actor’s performance.

Now, I am with DreamCatcher’s agency in the Pacific Northwest Region, I have booked three commercials- AT&T, Washington State Medical, and Pacific Science Center in Seattle. The tongue twisters and audition techniques taught at CSE gave me the tools to deliver with confidence. I would not be where I am as an actor if it was not for Phil Lewis, CGTV, CGTV, Chester See, Cassie Corsaro, Tanya Chisholm, Cameron Goodman, and my agents Nikki and Joshua believing in my raw talent.

This is my “happily ever beginning” because I am well on my way with CGTV behind me.

Brittany K. Mendoza-Pena

Jonathan G.

CGTV R’Mante’s CGTV has given me an experience that’s made me confident to continue in this business. The intense, professional training I received at CGTV is a key factor in my newly landed commercial job with Proctor & Gamble. Just a few weeks after finishing the winter program training, I gained the credentials, experience & know-how to audition for Proctor & Gamble, giving them just what they were looking for. CGTV , this is an amazing opportunity and thanks to the friendly, serious, intensely fun, professional expertise, which your CGTV wrapped me in, I am on my way to bigger opportunities. My sincerest gratitude for letting me participate in training with real celebrities, who encouraged and helped me become a more dynamic actor and person.


Jonathan G.

MY FATHER’S: CGTV’s program is a “Grand-Slam”! Seeing the confidence which CGTV has inspired in Jonathan is well worth the investment I made. The program is all about positive growth. I am astonished to see that within a few weeks after the C.A.C. experience, Jonathan approached his professional interview, with Proctor & Gamble, as if he owned it, and incredibly he believed in himself so much that it helped him land the job. The C.A.C. experience has helped Jonathan build more than acting skills. You guys have something genius going on. I never dreamed we could have acquired so much knowledge & experience about this business in such a short span of time.

Thanks always for being so straight forward,

Jonathan’s dad

Brittany Mendoza and Devveonntai Martin

Brittany Mendoza and Devveonntai Martin just booked a commercial in Spokane! All thanks to your program!

Dreamcatchers Talent Agency


HI ! Just thought I would let you know that the shoot went GREAT today!! Harrison said it was the Best day of his life..hahaha….Diane was SO AWESOME to work with!!! Ian and Harrison were hilarious and Diane said they were fantastic! We’ll see what happens! It was a GREAt experience for Harrison to see what it is like to be on set….thanks so much again….I know I sound like a broken record but REALLY…..THANKS! We will be here til the 26th and then home to make some BIG decisions. We will stay in touch !





How are you? We haven’t heard from you in a while and hope you’re doing well. How are the workshops going? Did you start your pilot season program?

Nick’s great. We’re still traveling back and forth for auditions. He will be shooting Goats sometime in March. He had to re-audition for his part because so much time has passed since he got the job, the director wanted to make sure the chemistry was still there. He even auditioned more boys the second time around. I’m happy to say Nick was chosen again…he held his part!

Nick also booked another part in a film “We Bought a Zoo”. It’s a supporting role, small, but he will be in a movie directed by Cameron Crowe! How cool is that!

Parenthood is over, it was great experience for him.

I’ve attached a current picture of him…he’s grown so much.

We hope to hear from you soon CGTV. Say Hi to Tim for us.


Samya, Nick, Robert and Olivia

Every Witch Way

Louis Tomeo takes to small screen in Every Witch Way

Louis Tomeo takes to small screen in ‘Every Witch Way’ developed by Nickelodeon. The seminole Chronicle writes an article about Louis Tomeo is his development with the Karen Greer Models and Talent, LLC.

Andy Ceballos The Seminole Chronicle

Louis TomeoIt’s not uncommon for children to grow up watching TV shows on Nickelodeon, and 11-year-old Louis Tomeo is no exception. But when he tuned in to the channel last week, he didn’t watch just any old show – he watched his own show.

Tomeo, an Oviedo resident, is a cast member in Nickelodeon’s newest show, Every Witch Way, which tells the story of a teenage girl who moves to Miami and discovers that she is a witch. The children’s network debuted the show on Jan. 1.

“It’s like a dream come true,” Tomeo said. “I never thought I’d have a show on Nickelodeon.”

On the show, Tomeo plays Robby Miller, the younger brother of one of the lead characters, Daniel Miller. Robby and the two youngest Miller siblings are known as the “Terrible Three,” or the T3, and Robby leads them into various schemes and builds contraptions that don’t always work.

This is the first TV show that Tomeo has appeared in, but it’s certainly not his first foray into acting. He has also appeared in a few short films and national commercials for AT&T and Head & Shoulders.

Originally, Tomeo was discovered while attending CGTV, which is run by Adrian R’Mante, a graduate of the University of Central Florida and a former leading cast member from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. A local agent spotted his talent and recommended him to a friend who manages young actors and models.

“[I became his agent] through a friend who worked at a local agency in Florida. She said, ‘This is someone I think you should manage,’” said Daryl Washington, the owner and director of Global Management 101, located in Pennsylvania. “I believed in him so much and I told his mom and I submitted him to an agency and she became his agent in Miami.”

That agent is Karen Greer, owner of Karen Greer Models and Talent, LLC. Greer has also been an agent for young stars such as Bella Thorne, Victoria Justice and Bailee Madison. Greer had met Tomeo at the acting camp and saw that he had that X factor.

“He has a great personality – he’s very enthusiastic and he’s got a natural charm about him,” she said. “He’s very confident with people and he did a great job with the time he had in camp.”
Every Witch Way

Luios Tomeo

Every Witch Way

After becoming his agent, Greer quickly secured a role for Tomeo in his first commercial. She was also able to get him an audition for a show that was being developed by Nickelodeon called Every Witch Way. Tomeo auditioned in Miami, but what he didn’t know was that auditions for the show were also being held in New York and Los Angeles.

“It’s like a dream come true,” Tomeo said. “I never thought I’d have a show on Nickelodeon.”

In the end, Tomeo still got the part and began filming the show in January 2013. He and his family, which includes his mom, Kellie, his dad, Louis Tomeo Sr., his older sister, Victoria, and his younger brother, Vincent, moved to Miami while the show was filming.

The show was shot from January through May, so Tomeo had to juggle his schoolwork while filming. He said his school, Page Private School, was very supportive during that time and would FedEx the work to him in Miami. He also had tutors on set, so when he wasn’t working, he was studying.

“He’s on set for eight to nine hours and goes to school with the other kids,” Tomeo Sr. said. “They shoot for a total of five to six hours, then they leave the set and we go to the apartment they provide for us. Then he has an hour of homework and studying lines.”

Overall, Tomeo worked a 12- to 14-hour day, six days a week and still managed to stay on the honor roll and was voted vice president of the Junior National Honor Society. But Tomeo wasn’t the only one juggling multiple responsibilities – his parents also had to juggle work and parenting their two other children.

“It’s been pretty crazy. We had to take vacation time and swap on the weekends,” Tomeo Sr. said. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s been pretty fun to see how a show is made.”

Tomeo’s older sister also got to see exactly how the show was made. She was cast as an extra for Every Witch Way and made appearances in the third episode. Tomeo said that both Victoria and Vincent have been incredibly supportive of his work.

“My brother and older sister have been really supportive – they’re not bitter at all,” he said.

His agent and his manager have also been incredibly supportive and both of them said that they enjoyed working with him.

“He’s very confident and he’s like an old soul,” Greer said. “He’s very mature for his age and I never got a complaint about anything. I hear complaints from kids on set but always heard good things from Louis.”

Good things could be on the way for Tomeo, who recently met and interviewed with a large talent agency in New York.

“The good news is he is going to be signing with one of the No. 1 film and TV agencies called CESD,” Washington said. “They are a talent agency in New York. They just interviewed him right before the holidays and they loved him.”

Kellie said the interview went really well and that Tomeo is waiting to get his contract from the agency. He’s also waiting to hear if Nickelodeon will pick up Every Witch Way for season two.

“We don’t know about season two yet,” Kellie said. “They’re waiting for the ratings to come in, but we should hear from them in three to four weeks.”

In the meantime, the family will continue to watch the show, which airs every weeknight at 7:30 p.m.

Nia Bakari

We know you would love to hear good news about your CSE performers, well Nia Bakari will be in the play Annie she will be playing Duffy and she will be in the ensemble that will be performing at the Feinstein on Broadway during the Memorial Day Weekend.

Antonio De Armas Claritin commercial