CGTV Grad scores Brad Pitt film


CGTV Grad scores Brad Pitt film.

Acting is a difficult business and actors must become accustomed to handling rejection with grace and humility.  Because it is such a tough industry, we are equally as proud of our graduates whether they score a cornflakes commercial or a role in a Brad Pitt film.

CGTV Grad scores Brad Pitt film

We find our students by hosting auditions in cities across the globe and are probably headed to your state (or close by) sometime soon.  It was in Florida that we found RJ Cyler.  We have boasted a bit about his accomplishments since attending CGTV’s acting program.
We are proud to announce that RJ Cyler whom has starred in Me, Earl & The Dying Girl and is currently filming Power Rangers 2017 in which he was cast as The Blue Ranger.  Now, we hear he has been cast in a Brad Pitt film.
When it comes to CGTV, don’t take OUR word for it.  Listen to our students.  Click here to hear RJ’s entire interview thanking God, CGTV and Adrian R’Mante here: 

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