Jonathan G.

CGTV R’Mante’s CGTV has given me an experience that’s made me confident to continue in this business. The intense, professional training I received at CGTV is a key factor in my newly landed commercial job with Proctor & Gamble. Just a few weeks after finishing the winter program training, I gained the credentials, experience & know-how to audition for Proctor & Gamble, giving them just what they were looking for. CGTV , this is an amazing opportunity and thanks to the friendly, serious, intensely fun, professional expertise, which your CGTV wrapped me in, I am on my way to bigger opportunities. My sincerest gratitude for letting me participate in training with real celebrities, who encouraged and helped me become a more dynamic actor and person.


Jonathan G.

MY FATHER’S: CGTV’s program is a “Grand-Slam”! Seeing the confidence which CGTV has inspired in Jonathan is well worth the investment I made. The program is all about positive growth. I am astonished to see that within a few weeks after the C.A.C. experience, Jonathan approached his professional interview, with Proctor & Gamble, as if he owned it, and incredibly he believed in himself so much that it helped him land the job. The C.A.C. experience has helped Jonathan build more than acting skills. You guys have something genius going on. I never dreamed we could have acquired so much knowledge & experience about this business in such a short span of time.

Thanks always for being so straight forward,

Jonathan’s dad