It all started as a training exercise for Brittany to gain experience in front of judges as she prepared for dance competition season. The joke was on me when Phil Lewis requested to see me about Brittany’s raw talent, it floored me. Someone, at last, saw what I still witness every day with her- lights, camera, and action. It became even MORE real when CGTV came along- a celebrity with an ordinary, humble demeanor. The man to help make my little girl’s come true, what a heavy weight to WANT to take on! He is committed to share his knowledge and experiences unselfishly for others to be successful, to dream big. Thank you for your unconditional support, CSE changed Brittany’s life and gives me the peace of mind she is great hands.

Jenny K. Pena

The first time I saw CGTV, I was a petite 10 year old sitting on a chair trying to catch mere glimpses of what appeared to be a tall, tanned man in a leather jacket. CGTV was quite a character- very animated, precise, and with a warming smile that could be seen across mountains (or in my case, across the room.) The first day of CGTV was indescribable- kids awaiting CGTV’s arrival. CGTV graciously approached and gathered us in a conference room. Then, the doors opened and as CGTV walked in, a hush came over the room as everyone’s eyes fell on the “man behind the magic.”

CGTV has an incredible way of teaching. For me, I was able to connect with him and to understand concepts and techniques on a higher or more in depth level. CGTV not only taught me but also molded my concept of acting into something so much more. Acting isn’t pretending to be something you are not; it is turning a character, presenting it, making it your own, and telling a story. It’s comprehending what you didn’t understand before and growing as a person. It is said “Practice Makes Perfect” but understanding what you are doing plays an even bigger role in an actor’s performance.

Now, I am with DreamCatcher’s agency in the Pacific Northwest Region, I have booked three commercials- AT&T, Washington State Medical, and Pacific Science Center in Seattle. The tongue twisters and audition techniques taught at CSE gave me the tools to deliver with confidence. I would not be where I am as an actor if it was not for Phil Lewis, CGTV, CGTV, Chester See, Cassie Corsaro, Tanya Chisholm, Cameron Goodman, and my agents Nikki and Joshua believing in my raw talent.

This is my “happily ever beginning” because I am well on my way with CGTV behind me.

Brittany K. Mendoza-Pena