How are you? We haven’t heard from you in a while and hope you’re doing well. How are the workshops going? Did you start your pilot season program?

Nick’s great. We’re still traveling back and forth for auditions. He will be shooting Goats sometime in March. He had to re-audition for his part because so much time has passed since he got the job, the director wanted to make sure the chemistry was still there. He even auditioned more boys the second time around. I’m happy to say Nick was chosen again…he held his part!

Nick also booked another part in a film “We Bought a Zoo”. It’s a supporting role, small, but he will be in a movie directed by Cameron Crowe! How cool is that!

Parenthood is over, it was great experience for him.

I’ve attached a current picture of him…he’s grown so much.

We hope to hear from you soon CGTV. Say Hi to Tim for us.


Samya, Nick, Robert and Olivia