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CGTV Creates Legitimate Success

In show business, there’s good reason to be wary of people who claim they can help you achieve your Hollywood dreams. There are a lot of scam artists and opportunists out there. Although it is wise to be wary and guarded, if you or your child have real talent and think you can make it in Hollywood, you can trust CGTV. There are talent programs out there that aren’t scams, and CGTV is one of them. CGTV is a high-level entertainment program with a multitude of success stories to prove that it is designed to help talent successfully navigate the show business industry.

At CGTV, we’re the real deal, and our young actors have achieved real-world success. Here are some of CGTV’s alumni who have gone on to be working actors and actresses in Hollywood  and their success stories:

RJ Cyler

A graduate of CGTV and a wonderful success story, RJ Cyler’s acting career is currently blowing up. He starred in the 2015 film (and Sundance darling) “Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl” as Earl, and was also cast as the Blue Ranger in the upcoming Power Rangers film. We at CGTV could not be prouder of RJ Cyler!

Bex Taylor-Klaus

One of CGTV’s very own is a very successful television star. Bex is best known for her roles as Bullet on The Killing, Sin on Arrow, Lex on House of Lies, and is currently starring as Audrey Jensen on MTV’s Scream series, based off the popular horror films.

success stories

MacKenzie Dunne

MacKenzie was just 6 years old when she attended CGTV’s talent program in the summer of 2015. Now, she has a recurring role as young Shelby in the Disney Channel original series Best Friends Whenever. We can’t wait to see what else the future holds for MacKenzie!

CGTV Success Stories

These are just some of the CGTV graduates who have gone on to achieve their dreams. There are many more success stories, and we know there will continue to be more to come! If you know your dream is to make it as an actor or actress in Hollywood, and you think you’ve got the talent to take you there, attend one of our auditions to get the ball rolling (register here to stay in the loop). If you receive a call back, that means we see raw talent in you and would like to help hone your skills at our acting camp program and workshops.

Still think CGTV isn’t “legit”? We asked our past graduates and parents of children who attended CGTV to give us their honest, unfiltered opinions about their experience with us. You can read for yourself here. You’ll soon discover that we’re the real deal, and we’re looking to make you or your child into a big deal in Hollywood!

CGTV Reviews are in!

CGTV’s Zeah Kaapana-Bates Sores Big!

 CGTV Reviews are in!

Zeah Kaapana-Bates

CGTV hosts auditions in cities around the globe and the CGTV reviews coming in from our child and young adult actors are nothing short of amazing.  One of the cities we routinely visit is Honolulu, Hawaii.  This is exactly where we found one of the brightest stars to graduate CGTV and The Celebrity Experience.


Zeah’s aunt heard an audition for CGTV and The Celebrity Experience on the radio in Honolulu.  Her aunt sent her mother the recording and urged her to take her daughter to this audition.

Zeah was nervous and excited to meet and audition for one of her favorite Disney stars, Adrian R’Mante, Esteban, from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.  She says that Adrian made her instantly comfortable and she knew that she did her best and it was all she could do.  She wasn’t sure if she would get a call back, but she knew that she could not have done any better, so she was proud of her efforts.


When Zeah found out she was indeed called back to be a part of Adrian’s program, she was screaming and excited beyond belief.  Her parents were excited but they wanted to wait to see what it was all about before making a final decision.  They were excited to hear what Adrian had to say at the callback orientation.


As parents, they decided to invest in Adrian’s program because they believed in his mission and vision. Zeah’s parents knew that his program included a training curriculum that would support their daughters aspirations of becoming an actor. They could see that the training would also contribute to their daughters development as a life long learner, individual, and contributing member of our community and world.


We asked Zeah what her favorite part about CGTV’s acting program was.  She replied,

“I loved meeting and training with all the Celebrities, playing all the improv games, and I was really excited when we got to meet and talk to Debby Ryan who played Jessie!”.

When we asked Zeah’s parents what they loved best about CGTV they replied as follows, “As parents, we appreciated the experiences, skills, training, networking, and performance opportunities (Showcase, Universal Sound Studio Scene Recording with a Celebrity, LIVE performance and the ACME theatre in Hollywood) with TCE & CGTV. We greatly appreciated the parent workshops/Q&A sessions because it gave us great insights to the industry and the profession of acting. The professionals that Adrian invited to speak to us were well accomplished professionals who were honest and transparent with us. Lisa London, Joey Paul Jensen, and Philip Marcus came from different perspectives with a vast amount of experience.”

Zeah was pretty nervous about performing LIVE at the ACME theatre in front of the Hollywood agents and Hollywood managers, but with the help of Adrian, her scene partner and a week’s worth of intensive coaching, she nailed it.  Even mom could not spare a tear that evening.  She had never been so proud and she realized there were going to be many more successes to come in Zeah’s future.


Zeah received one callback from a Manager during The Celebrity Experience.  Then,  at CGTV, she received two callbacks from Agents and two callbacks from Managers.   Lisa London said that her performance showed that she is ready to book jobs!  Coming from the casting director that found Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Anniston and more, this was a huge nod that we were in the right place with the right people.

CGTV Reviews are in!

When asked what the #1 thing she learned from Adrian she replied, “eye contact”.

Zeah’s mom asked if she could add some final words to this story, and they are so beautiful we decided to include them.

“As a family, Adrian has done countless things for us. If I had to choose just ONE thing to highlight, the #1 thing that Adrian has done for us is to stay true to his word. From the first day we met, Adrian committed to our daughter and her aspirations of becoming a successful actor. He committed to being available and a part of our journey through each step, and he has DELIVERED beyond what we could’ve ever expected. Adrian is committed to being honest and transparent throughout each step and continues to provide us and our daughter with mentorship and guidance even after the program is complete. I would recommend them to anyone with serious Hollywood dreams.  It is a place where you will discover what it takes and if you HAVE what it takes.  This is definitely a JOURNEY that can be accomplished when ‘the family comes together to support the child actors pursuits’:  – Zeah’s Mom

Artist: Zeah Kaapana-Bates

CGTV Reviews are in!

CGTV is not fake

Is CGTV and TCE Fake or Real?

Is CGTV Fake? It’s easy for people on the Internet to spread lies and rumors about businesses, especially when they hide behind a computer screen. For CGTV, we have had our fair share of slanderous reviews and allegations of being a “fake” talent agency. CGTV is NOT fake, NOT a scam, and NOT trying to trick young actors. We truly do help actors by providing them with the education and tools they need to have a career in music and television.

The people who try to discredit CGTV are often parents who can’t pay for the program or don’t want to pay for it. None of our bad press comes from kids who have attended our CGTV program. The bad reviews are from parents who have not had their kids attend a program. At CGTV, we deliver exactly what is promised for a fee including training with experienced actors, professional headshots and reels, and exposure to legitimate agents in the entertainment industry.

cgtv not fake

Still think CGTV is fake? Here’s a real life example! Jax is a young actor who trained with Adrian R’Mante and CGTV. Recently, Jax starred in a Walmart commercial that was viewed almost 12 million times! Jax was able to secure an agent through CGTV and started working as an actor almost immediately following our program. From television commercials to major Hollywood productions, CGTV has helped create thousands of success stories just like this one.

Those who have been through a CGTV program know that we are nothing close to fake or a scam. Our program teaches up and coming actors about building confidence, developing acting skills, training for auditions, marketing themselves, and becoming a young star. We have helped many young actors turn their dreams into reality. 

If you would like to see for yourself, head over to our website to browse thousands of our success stories! If you have been taken part in CGTV yourself and want to help us disprove the lies, please contact our team with a quote or paragraph.