CGTV Success Stories

CGTV Creates Legitimate Success

In show business, there’s good reason to be wary of people who claim they can help you achieve your Hollywood dreams. There are a lot of scam artists and opportunists out there. Although it is wise to be wary and guarded, if you or your child have real talent and think you can make it in Hollywood, you can trust CGTV. There are talent programs out there that aren’t scams, and CGTV is one of them. CGTV is a high-level entertainment program with a multitude of success stories to prove that it is designed to help talent successfully navigate the show business industry.

At CGTV, we’re the real deal, and our young actors have achieved real-world success. Here are some of CGTV’s alumni who have gone on to be working actors and actresses in Hollywood  and their success stories:

RJ Cyler

A graduate of CGTV and a wonderful success story, RJ Cyler’s acting career is currently blowing up. He starred in the 2015 film (and Sundance darling) “Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl” as Earl, and was also cast as the Blue Ranger in the upcoming Power Rangers film. We at CGTV could not be prouder of RJ Cyler!

Bex Taylor-Klaus

One of CGTV’s very own is a very successful television star. Bex is best known for her roles as Bullet on The Killing, Sin on Arrow, Lex on House of Lies, and is currently starring as Audrey Jensen on MTV’s Scream series, based off the popular horror films.

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MacKenzie Dunne

MacKenzie was just 6 years old when she attended CGTV’s talent program in the summer of 2015. Now, she has a recurring role as young Shelby in the Disney Channel original series Best Friends Whenever. We can’t wait to see what else the future holds for MacKenzie!

CGTV Success Stories

These are just some of the CGTV graduates who have gone on to achieve their dreams. There are many more success stories, and we know there will continue to be more to come! If you know your dream is to make it as an actor or actress in Hollywood, and you think you’ve got the talent to take you there, attend one of our auditions to get the ball rolling (register here to stay in the loop). If you receive a call back, that means we see raw talent in you and would like to help hone your skills at our acting camp program and workshops.

Still think CGTV isn’t “legit”? We asked our past graduates and parents of children who attended CGTV to give us their honest, unfiltered opinions about their experience with us. You can read for yourself here. You’ll soon discover that we’re the real deal, and we’re looking to make you or your child into a big deal in Hollywood!