Annie and Isa

CGTV, Phill and CGTV,

You are both truly wonderful people and your program is outstanding. To think that in eight weeks you may have shaped Isabella’s whole future. I am forever grateful. If you ever need anyone to write a testimonial about the outstanding awesomeness of your workshop, please just let me know. Also to update you on things happening here. Monday at 12:14 p.m. I received a call from The Green Talent Agency here in Miami and Isabella has an appointment scheduled for an interview on Monday, February 21, 2011.

Then last night at around 8:00 p.m. Lauren from The Green Talent Agency emailed a script for Isabella to memorize. This Thursday they want to tape her reading for the role of “Raquel” in a new pilot from Fox called Little in Common. Even without having done her interview! Wow, this is all going so fast it seems a bit surreal.

Lastly, please confirm with me the date, time and place for the photography session. You mentioned it would be on February 15 or 16?

Thanks for everything,
Annie And Isa


Hi CGTV! I already wish the workshop lasted months instead of weeks=[ The memories, the friends, the pep talks they seem so far away. I loved this workshop so much and I know that it payed off. The work and passion from everyone is there and to be surrounded by people who are in it for the kill, its a true Utopia! As for my preparation, my monologue seems to be either Horrors of the Holidays or Bruised. Bruised is definitely one I want to do along with Holidays but Cameron suggested to do Horrors of the Holidays rather than Bruised because of how I come across (bubbly, happy and all smiles). I will be practicing both so when you come a decision can be made. Could you please tell all the instructors I had (Chester, Tanya, Cassie, and Cameron) that my time with them was not just splendid but emotional. Cassie once asked me “What do plan to do with this?” I think I may finally have an answer for her. I want to be a musical actress and enjoy my time with sitcoms, 1 hour dramas, movies, comercials, and everything! I want to be the whole package; to sing, dance, and act. Somehow in this workshop through all my trifle with life, I found out I need to be who I am and love doing what I do. Nothing will stop me now and its from my support system. CGTV, you and the workshop are now part of my support system=]

Thank you…for everything,

Jai Saint, Executive Director Urban Models Inc.


Thank you so much for holding such an amazing workshop! My name is Jai Saint and I’m Executive Director of Talent Management for Urban Models and Talent of Orlando, Florida. I have been to your workshop as a scout and and an industry expert on your discussion panel twice. Each time I have walked away with amazing talents. Your most recent class of all star talents actually brought us over twenty talents to our agency. Each one has been thoroughly trained in the proper industry etiquette and know how needed to survive in the entertainment industry. Our greatest accomplishment is West! West is a six year old triple threat whose acting capabilities far exceed that of any of my talents. He has landed his first feature film role opposite, Chad Michael Murray and Corbin Bleu in the up coming film “RENEE”. West has also done numerous auditions and is also featured in the Bealls Store Catalog. I really appreciate all that you have taught these kids and I look forward to more groups coming our way. See you in April!


Jai Saint
Executive Director Urban Models Inc.

Sebastian Mercado

Hey, my name is Sebastian Mercado, and I just finished my CGTV experience a week ago. Honestly, I loved this workshop. It’s an experience I will NEVER forget & something I learned so much from. I’ve always had a passion for acting & I’ve been wanting to take it to the next level. So I enrolled in CGTV after hearing about it on the radio. On the first day of workshop, I knew nobody, I was insecure about my acting skills because I assumed everyone else was stellar, and I was around celebrities; so I was pretty overwhelmed. During this 6 week course, I made a handful of new friends, gained a lot of confidence, learned so much about what acting really is & the inside scoop on everything else. The celebrities CGTV R’Mante brings in are awesome. I have no complain about them. They make sure you’re learning & everyone participates. They even have a one-on-one with you if you need help. After every program was over, I always wanted to go back. And, that’s coming from a 16 year-old. Every program is different, but it builds on what you learned the week before. I really felt like I belonged there, and in a way, it was like a mini-family. All the older kids got along with the little kids. They always had questions for us, and they learned from watching us. We were like a role model to them, in a way. The last weekend at workshop, we had a showcase for agencies from around the country. CGTV brought in several ones at the Providence workshop. In all honesty, I was completely nervous. I had never done anything of this type of caliber before. But, I remembered all the things I’ve learned; such as, turning that nervousness into energy. I went into the showcase pretty confident, not really knowing how well I performed. They told us we would receive a call-back within 3 hours and 3 months. I received a call back the next day. The Boston agent really loved me. I went this past week for an interview, signed with them, and went on my first casting call 2 days ago. If someone would have told me I would be signed to an agency to be on TV & Film 6 months ago, I would have NEVER believed them. Larry Lafond, a casting director from Nickelodeon, also has me on his callback list. None of this would have ever happened if it weren’t for CGTV, CGTV, & of course, the fabulous crew he brings in. Recently, I was just accepted to attend the Summer workshop in L.A. this summer. I’m looking forward to attending, & learning a lot more! I want to thank CGTV and everyone associated to CGTV for this opportunity, that I will most certainly take advantage of. If you’re a young actor that wants to pursue acting, I HIGHLLY RECOMMEND that you take the CGTV, you won’t regret it!

Sebastian Mercado


Hello CGTV,

Writing to let you know that Canyon had a interview with a new monologue at Model Club Inc in Boston & they have now accepted him as his agent for the New England area. In his free time from school he wants to attend Theater programes at Trinity Rep in Providence as well as returning to your workshop in the near future. Right now we are also sending out his head shots to other agents that you have supplied.

Thank you so much for given Canyon the opportunity to be apart of your workshop as well as sharing & taking your gift of acting so seriously. Now I understand how without your workshop it would be a lot harder for future actors to excel. This experience has given him the confident & enhanced my son’s talent with everything your workshop has taught him. If he did not tell me he wanted to be an actor I had almost said no to having him attend your workshop. I am so glad I changed my mind and listen to him.

Caitlin O’Neill

Dear CGTV and CGTV,

Thank you so much for an amazing experience at CGTV. I enjoyed every single second of it! Not to mention that I learned so much! CGTV: you helped so much at the front desk. Also your emails that you sent out each week were fabulous and oh-so helpful. When ever I had a question you always had the answer. Thank you so much for being a part of this wonderful workshop and helping out so much. CGTV: I honestly can not thank you enough for helping me out with my acting and for starting this workshop. I learned more then I ever thought possible in those 6 weeks. I was so eager to learn something new each week. Monday through Friday seemed to drag on because I was so excited to come to the workshop. Even though the workshop days were long, when ever it would be time to go home I never wanted to leave. This experience was the best experience of my life. When I was doing my monologue, “Bruised”, I was getting so frustrated because each week everyone would tell me to do something different with it. I tried to take bits and pieces of each person’s advice but then I felt like I was over doing it and I was “over-acting.” Finally when I got to work with you all you said to me was “don’t act it, just speak the lines.” As I was using your advice, I got so emotional with it and my eyes were filling up with tears! At that moment, I realized that I wasn’t even acting…it became so real and that’s why I got emotional. I could have never done that with out you and I thank you so much for it.

I will never forget you advice and helpful tips. I am most definitely going to use then towards my upcoming acting career. I am so grateful to be exposed to those agents and have this wonderful experience and I really can thank you enough. I hope to keep in touch and see you soon.

Caitlin O’Neill


Miss You!! Let me know when you will be in Omaha again! You have taught me so many important things about acting! And now they are helping me achieve everyday things like i am now running for president in my school! Thanks again!



Can you let me know when you are back in OMAHA,that would be amazing. You have taught me soo much,i am no longer self concience and can be myself around my friends. You are truley amazing. !:) Thanks so much for being the best acting coach ever!!!:)



Justin is done filming the movie – boy was that an amazing experience! We both absolutely loved it! I can’t even explain how fulfilling it was to be sitting there and watching him acting with both Elliott Gould and David DeLuise for the first time. Simply unbelievable! I was pretty overwhelmed with emotion. Such a proud mom moment.

Anyway, we miss you guys and hope all is well. We would love to see you in Seattle if it will work out. Please tell CGTV hi from us as well)!




Where do I begin….February 2011 we heard a radio advertisement for CGTV.  On a whim I asked my daughter Meaghan if she would be interested in going and my usually shy 9 year old started screaming YES!!!! Well that was the beginning of an awesome journey for our family.  Meaghan attended your Providence program and then we waited for the invitation to summer program 2011 and we were so excited when it arrived. Meaghan\’s confidence has been boosted to amazing levels!  I am still stunned when she goes into auditions without hesitation.  She has recently auditioned for a role in \”Music Man\” with the College Light Opera Company in Falmouth, MA and got the part! You told me she had talent and I am now seeing how right you were!  She owes all of her acting and auditioning skills to you and CGTV.  We are so excited and are still hoping to get back out to LA soon.  In the meantime, she will continue auditioning and practicing her skills that you have given her.  Thank you to you and your team.  We love and miss you all. ~ Cassy