How to Find an Amazing Agent & Manager

Agents are busy people in an already fast-paced industry. They work tirelessly to get their existing clients in roles and scout for new talent at the same time. While finding an agent takes time and effort, they hold the keys to the acting industry and are an important component of just about any actor’s career.


Cold submissions to agents are rarely successful. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t send inquiries to your dream agencies. However, more importantly, cultivate contacts and connections within the industry. Many agents take interest in talent they hear about from trusted professionals and acquaintances in the field or from existing clients. Politely ask your friends, colleagues, and mentors who know agents for references, and to pass on your information too.

Do Your Research

Take the time to learn about which acting agencies are reputable and have a lot of client success. Find agencies that fit where you are in your career. Pay careful attention to professional standards in the industry about how to approach agents at events and on social media. The last thing you want to do is come off as an amateur or ruin your chances from the get-go. The agent-rep relationship is highly personalized and finding the right “fit” for your career, goals, and personality makes it work. For some great resources on this topic and research tips, see here!

Work, Work, WorkAgent

In spite of how busy agents are, they are also constantly on the lookout for new talent. It is, after all, how they stay in business! The best way to catch an agent’s eye is to keep perfecting your skills, and most importantly, keep acting. Agents not only attend tryouts and plays, they watch films and other videos, and frequent events where they keep an ear to the ground for new names. The more you put yourself out there, the more exposure you receive. The more exposure, the more people hear and talk about you. When you’re not on the set or taking classes, work on getting headshots, keeping an up-to-date presence on social media, and improving your website and resume.

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