Do you know how to memorize lines?


FOUR ways to help you memorize lines

Memorizing lines can be the most difficult part of acting.  It is probably the most daunting tasks asked of an actor or actress.  What if I told you there is way to make the memorization process just a little bit easier?  Here at Children in Film we thought of a few tips and tricks to help commit those lines to memory.  FOUR ways to help you memorize line.

1.    Practice Everyday!

Be sure to practice your acting skills every day.  15 minutes of cold reading practice will REALLY keep you sharp if you do it EVERY DAY. If you aren’t super sharp at cold reading, then practice for AN HOUR PER DAY until it becomes as effortless as breathing.

2.    Keep it Moving!

When practicing your lines sitting idle is not always the best thing.  The brain acts like a muscle and gets stronger the more you use it.  Getting up, moving, using hand motions, pacing, and walking can help make your brain associate the movements that your body is making and the words you are speaking into a clearer path.  This ultimately leads to committing your lines to memory faster.   This gives a whole new meaning to ‘muscle memory’!  You will be surprised that the more you move the connection between your brain and body will get stronger.

3.    The Hat Trick!

Find a blank piece of paper.  Cut it into 20 pieces.  Write down:  5 different situations, 5 different places, 5 different jobs and, 5 different emotions, one on each piece of paper.  Then create a scene.  Example:  Eating candy, in a jungle, as a photographer, while being sad.

This creates flexibility and dynamisms in scenes.  If you do these ad-lib routines it makes it easier for you to be more comfortable with others abstract writing and scenarios.  Try it:  It is a fun exercise and relieves the anxiety of scene stress.

4.    Use Good Sense!

This can be the hardest but most beneficial memorization tip.   What we mean by ‘Using Good Sense’ is to use the entire experience:  sight, sound, smell, taste, or touch to evoke an emotional reaction appropriate to a moment in the scene.  Let’s just say you are auditioning for a chocolate bar commercial.  You need to be excited about this product, so what do you do?  Go get a chocolate bar and let is take over your SENSES!  Then later on at the audition you will be able to recall that chocolate bar like it was right there in your hand and make everyone watching you believe it really is!

These are just suggestions. Ultimately, it always comes down to what works best for you.  No one has the same approach to memorizing lines.  We all have different backgrounds and learning styles.   Give these a shot and see what they do for you!  If you still need help, just reach out to some top rated acting coaches in our member directory above.

Memorize lines is preparing well.