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“The CGTV program invest time, resources, and efforts to allow talent a place to allow Art to the be the performance.”  

Sure, a lot of people brag about how amazing the CGTV acting programs are.  But, what we find most exciting is the commitment that exists long AFTER the program is over.  Most CEOs and company owners keep an arms length from their students, especially once the program has been completed.  But, not at CGTV.  At CGTV, we continue to invest our time, resources and energies to being a constant resource for our actors as they enter the wild world of Hollywood.  But, don’t take our word for it. Listen to what one mom has to say about Adrian and CGTV.

“Thank you Adrian for being the best coach my daughter has ever had.  I highly recommend this program to everyone!  He did an incredible job with the talented kids, one of whom is my daughter.  He doesn’t just train these kids in skills, he assists them through the process until they achieve their goal.  Anytime I text Adrian, he responds, sometimes within moments of receiving my text.  He puts my daughter in front of the best agents LA has to offer.  Every agent meeting, my daughter would remind me what Adrian told her… “Mom, we have to be on time, I have to bring my personality and smile and I got this”.  And they do love her and are looking forward to booking her!  Adrian, you are the best.  It is clear that you are not in this for the money, but for passion which you infuse into each of our children.  And thank you for your patience as a teacher.  We love being a part of the CGTV growing family of successful working actors”  Guerdine Cely



Stand Out as an Actor

Kareen Greer How to stand out as an actor? Getting ahead today means having the right connections. No matter where you are coming from in life, the best way to get to where you want to go is not only to have the right skills but to know the right people, or know someone who knows the right people.

The entertainment industry is both demanding and competitive. On any given day, in any given casting call, there are hundreds of talented people vying for the same role. Savvy actors are consistently looking for ways to separate themselves from the pack.  At CGTV, we offer our participants a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain the skills necessary to stand apart from the crowd and make the right connections.

We work with some of the top talent agents in the country, including the Karen Greer Model & Talent Agency. Karen and her team specialize in working with both kids and teenagers in modeling for print, television, commercials and feature films.  Her agency roster has worked on print advertising projects for Abercrombie & Fitch, Vogue Bambini, Ralph Lauren, Target and American Girl as well as both lead and supporting roles in CSI, Rock of Ages, The Glades, Nickelodeon Network and Burn Notice.

In addition to making solid industry connections such as Karen Greer, having the right skills is critically important to landing a role.  At CGTV, we help our program participants to be ready for anything when they step into their auditions. Our curriculum gives participants the tools they need to walk into their next audition with confidence while developing the whole actor so that they are able to stand out for years to come.  

Acting classes are a great place to start gleaning important audition skills, however, it is also important to have a strong understanding of how to work on camera, how to nail a cold read and the art of improvisation.  At CGTV, our curriculum prepares students for each of these critical casting situations to help actors feel more confident.  Students within our program not only learn how to prepare for their auditions but they know the best way to follow-up afterwards.  

Are you interested in find out more about CGTV? Contact our team at 818-284-6689 or visit the CGTV website.


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Kevin Cain

Often times, good to great actors arrive at CGTV with little to no confidence in their abilities.  However, we know if they were scouted in their city, there is talent there.  We work with the actors on techniques that improve their range and at the same time give them confidence in their auditioning skills.  

Last summer, Kevin Cain to one of our programs and at the end of a Q & A with Rockstar Casting Director Lisa London asked Adrian how he was doing on and what Adrian thought he should work on to ensure success at the showcase in front of Hollywood Agents.  

 He still remembers Adrian’s reply.  “You’re better than I expected”.  Adrian takes acting and learning very seriously.  So when Kevin heard that Adrian thought he was better than originally anticipated, that meant the world to him.  Adrian also doled out some sage advice and helped give me the confidence to be strong at my showcase.  Because of my confidence and the skills I learned at CGTV, I did get a call back from a professional Hollywood Agency.  “I am forever in debt to Adrian R’Mante and CGTV for giving me a real shot in an industry I once thought was impossible to break into.”  – Kevin Cain