CGTV Delivers Confidence & Agent Callback


Kevin Cain

Often times, good to great actors arrive at CGTV with little to no confidence in their abilities.  However, we know if they were scouted in their city, there is talent there.  We work with the actors on techniques that improve their range and at the same time give them confidence in their auditioning skills.  

Last summer, Kevin Cain to one of our programs and at the end of a Q & A with Rockstar Casting Director Lisa London asked Adrian how he was doing on and what Adrian thought he should work on to ensure success at the showcase in front of Hollywood Agents.  

 He still remembers Adrian’s reply.  “You’re better than I expected”.  Adrian takes acting and learning very seriously.  So when Kevin heard that Adrian thought he was better than originally anticipated, that meant the world to him.  Adrian also doled out some sage advice and helped give me the confidence to be strong at my showcase.  Because of my confidence and the skills I learned at CGTV, I did get a call back from a professional Hollywood Agency.  “I am forever in debt to Adrian R’Mante and CGTV for giving me a real shot in an industry I once thought was impossible to break into.”  – Kevin Cain