CGTV Program Puts my child first

CGTV Program


“The CGTV program invest time, resources, and efforts to allow talent a place to allow Art to the be the performance.”  

Sure, a lot of people brag about how amazing the CGTV acting programs are.  But, what we find most exciting is the commitment that exists long AFTER the program is over.  Most CEOs and company owners keep an arms length from their students, especially once the program has been completed.  But, not at CGTV.  At CGTV, we continue to invest our time, resources and energies to being a constant resource for our actors as they enter the wild world of Hollywood.  But, don’t take our word for it. Listen to what one mom has to say about Adrian and CGTV.

“Thank you Adrian for being the best coach my daughter has ever had.  I highly recommend this program to everyone!  He did an incredible job with the talented kids, one of whom is my daughter.  He doesn’t just train these kids in skills, he assists them through the process until they achieve their goal.  Anytime I text Adrian, he responds, sometimes within moments of receiving my text.  He puts my daughter in front of the best agents LA has to offer.  Every agent meeting, my daughter would remind me what Adrian told her… “Mom, we have to be on time, I have to bring my personality and smile and I got this”.  And they do love her and are looking forward to booking her!  Adrian, you are the best.  It is clear that you are not in this for the money, but for passion which you infuse into each of our children.  And thank you for your patience as a teacher.  We love being a part of the CGTV growing family of successful working actors”  Guerdine Cely