5 Year gets 15 agent callbacks

Criminal Minds after CGTV5 Year gets 15 agent callbacks and secures a costar role in Criminal Minds after CGTV


No success story is more fun to hear than those of the little kids!  Our staff spotted this talent a mile away.  And his parents were super supportive and truly believed in their son and CGTV.  And their trust paid off, in spades.  Don’t listen to us, read the thank you letter from mom below!

Criminal Minds after CGTV

“My son Jackson went through the program at 5 years old (one of the very youngest). It not only helped him build confidence, discipline, and memorization skills at an early age, but he was also able to learn and enjoy the craft of acting from Adrian, Virgil and their incredible team. He received 15 callbacks and was signed that week with a top agent and manager in the industry. He had such a wonderful experience, we did the CGTV program in LA a second time just for the fun of it while he went out on auditions. He ended up booking a national Kay Jewelers commercial and costarring in an episode of Criminal Minds. As a parent, there is nothing better than seeing your child engage in and love an activity, whether that’s acting, music, sports, etc.  CGTV opened up a world of opportunity and wonderful memories for my son and our family. Adrian and Virgil truly care about what they do and have supported us every step of the way. Thank you.”